One year ago, our nation learned the strength and fragility of our democracy.

The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was one of the darkest days in our nation’s history and pushed our republic to the precipice. Any effort to rewrite that day and diminish the severity of what happened undermines our ability to prevent such an atrocity from happening again and minimizes the destruction and trauma experienced by those at the hands of the insurrectionists and families who lost loved ones.

As we mark this solemn anniversary, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol is hard at work to uncover what happened one year ago so we can ensure it never happens again, and that every terrorist who participated in this assault is brought to justice.

The attack on the Capitol was not merely a riot — it was a violent insurrection based on fraudulent claims by the former president, his allies and lawmakers in an attempt for President Donald Trump to hold onto power and delegitimize the results of a free and fair election. Most plainly: It was an attempted coup.

I stood on the Senate floor that night, joined by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, and together we condemned the attack and reaffirmed the need to end the partisan vitriol that led to that day. The bipartisan repudiation of the violence, and our determination to finish our job and certify the election in the aftermath of such an atrocity, are needed now more than ever.

Jan. 6 is a difficult day for all Americans, and especially those who bore witness to the violence, including Capitol Police officers who held the line to protect lawmakers, staffers and Capitol complex workers who sheltered in place for hours.

The tragic loss of members of the Capitol Police force still weighs heavy on all of us, and my heart goes out to their families as they grieve and heal. My thoughts are with all those struggling, and I want to remind them that they are not alone and there will be justice for the crimes committed.

I also want to thank members of the National Guard — including our New Hampshire National Guard — who were deployed in the days that followed to quell the turmoil and ensure a peaceful transfer of power at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The strength of our democracy is measured by the resolve of those who will defend it. Our democracy prevailed last year, but it should never face such a test again — we cannot allow history to repeat itself.

Jeanne Shaheen (D-Madbury) is New Hampshire’s senior U.S. senator.

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Scott Shallcross

In his address today, Attorney General Merrick Garland signified that, "DOJ remains committed to holding all January 6th perpetrators, at any level, accountable under the law whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy." Given the recent release of substantial incriminating evidence from the House Select Committee, a number of inner-circle Trump loyalists are "lawyering up". We should all remember that Garland is meticulous and scrupulous. He served as the federal prosecutor in the horrific Oklahoma City bombing and is no stranger to domestic terrorism.


And Garland is nothing but a tool of The Party as witnessed by his response to parents who spoke out against CRT, calling them Domestic Terrorists in a pre-prepared memo.

Where is he on investigating the ANTIFA insurgence who were attacking The White House, Federal Court buildings, and our cities in 2020?

What about Hunter Biden's laptop? What about, "The Big"? How about Eric Swalwell's involvement with Chinese spies? Or, the complete collapse of our Immigration Laws?

Yea, he's great!

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