If I had to bet on Conway, well, I just wouldn’t. What is strange about Conway is that it isn’t stupid, but often acts like it is. The town needs economic revitalization. Casinos are not the answer.

Growing up, my mother always said, “Q, we don’t gamble.” Of course, that didn’t make one bit of sense because I could take a dollar of candy money, gamble it and win $100. But then I went to school. And then I took a statistics class as a freshman at Kennett and said, “by golly, you’ve got to be a real idiot to ever gamble.”

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On this, I can find common ground with "Q".

Now if he applies the same reasoning to legalizing Pot, we'd really be making progress.

It seems obscene to be allowed to encourage irresponsible behavior for the sake of the public treasury, only to use a portion of the same to solve our social problems.

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