“Refurbished, gleaming, and chiming crisply, (the Little White Church bell) rang audibly throughout much of Eaton. Many were brought to tears, some saying that it felt like a Christmas miracle.” — Dana Cunningham, member of the church board of trustees.

“I can’t believe they didn’t sustain any life-threatening injuries.” — U.S. Forest Service Snow Ranger Frank Carus, director of the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, after two men fell more than 500 feet in Tuckerman Ravine.

“The sign-up was a nightmare, but this has been seamless in here.” — Lori Babine of Center Conway, comparing a frustrating state and CDC COVID-19 vaccination registration process with the smooth operation of Memorial Hospital’s vaccination clinic.

“This and the oldest house in Conway which sits at the town beach are the two most historic buildings of the center. Where is our pride in our town history?” — Historian Brian Wiggin decrying the planned demolition of the former Ebenezer Burbank home in Center Conway.

“I will make the motion that we put in pavers in the sidewalks in Conway Village, hoping everybody votes no.” — Conway Selectman Carl Thibodeau.

“I don’t think we can keep putting this off. This has been going on for umpteen million years.” — Conway Selectman Mary Seavey on the need for public restrooms.

“We’re really look forward to (getting the vaccine). As I told the state folks, we will do it morning, noon, afternoon, evening, Saturday, Sunday, whenever it occurs. — SAU 9 Superintendent Kevin Richard.

“I think he enjoyed how the valley treated him and respected how this was his quiet space.” — Bartlett Selectman Gene Chandler, remembering his friend Marvelous Marvin Hagler following Hagler’s death at the age of 66 on March 13.

“I had people say this is the first year where they didn’t have colds or the flu. Donning masks seemed to protect people from other things, too.” — Conway Town Clerk Louise Inkell.

“We are not commenting, goodbye.” — Conway Selectman Dave Weathers, when asked for details on town plans to enforce a ban on short-term rentals in the residential zones.

“I just spent four years working on this issue.” — Conway Town Manager Tom Holmes, in response to the owner of a short-term rental property who asked that the town hold off on enforcing short-term rental regulations and work with owners on a solution.

“I think we have a man, Charles Jackson, who has ties to this area ... By voting this up or down, we’re still going to be Jackson tomorrow. It’s just what’s in our heart.” — Assistant Jackson Town Moderator Jerry Dougherty arguing for renaming the town for geologist Charles Jackson.

“What Conway has done is an abomination. It’s horrible.” — Fryeburg Selectman Kimberly Clark on Conway charging visitors a $20 recreational parking fee.

“Do we want to be a marijuana mecca?” — Fryeburg resident Nora Schwarz asked at Fryeburg Town Meeting held June 10 in the Expo Building at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds.

“I felt so bad for them. They’re such nice people and were really apologetic. I bought them lunch.” — Genn Anzaldi, owner of J-Town Deli, about Laurence Eastman, 73, of Fullerton, Calif., and his wife. Eastman accidentally drove his rented Tesla into the building.

“I’m telling every damn family, don’t listen to these people (school officials). They tell you to wear a mask, give them this.” — Conway resident Steven Steiner, while holding up his middle finger.

“The car is so powerful. I gotta tell you: I scared myself all the way up that first run.” — Auto racer Travis Pastrana, reflecting on his 5-minute, 28.67-second run up the Mt. Washington Auto Road.

“I feel like I’m in ‘Groundhog Day.’” — Memorial Hospital Emergency Management Coordinator Will Owen, after the hospital reinstituted COVID restrictions in response to increasing cases.

“As soon as the people start losing their jobs it’s going to be a problem for the nursing home.” — Dallas Emery of Ossipee, speaking at a Carroll County commissioners’ meeting Sept. 1.

“I am so passionate about this that I am ready to chain myself to the tree when the bulldozer comes.” — Jeff Shutak of Intervale, who staged a protest to save a huge maple tree set to be removed to make way for a new hotel across from the Scenic Vista.

“What may not have been obvious to DOT is for 50 years, they’ve parked in front of that church. It basically made that structure feel like it was being cut off from the village.” — Kimberly Clarke, selectman in Fryeburg, talking about the recent curb cuts.

“They’re stocking shelves at Walmart at $17 an hour at night. I’m of the opinion that it should be at $125 (per day) to start.” — Conway School Board member Ryan Wallace on why the school district needed to up the pay for substitute teachers.

“What kind of an example would we be setting for kids and staff if we tell them you have to wear a mask when you’re in the building but we don’t?” — Joe Lentini, Conway School Board chair, on a mask mandate for anyone entering Conway schools.

“Life is not a zero-risk proposition. The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks, and what we know for risks is they are are minimal. Children tolerate the vaccine better than adults.” — Memorial Hospital pediatrician Dr. Wenda Saunders.

“I was sitting at the kitchen table when I looked up and saw the head of a young moose sticking out from the side of the house.” — Kevin Arnold of North Conway.

“The idea that the chairman at his own discretion can just adjourn the meeting because people showed up at a public meeting without a face mask, it’s kind of ridiculous. ... We just adjourn the meeting, everybody scurries out, as if you were instantly going to catch a disease by being in the same room with people without a mask.” — Robert Chase, a parent from Bartlett, at the Conway School Board meeting.

“We’re not the only ones screaming, but we plan to be the loudest.” — Conway Town Manager Tom Holmes about the town’s talks with the state to keep the Intervale Scenic Vista open seven days a week so people can use the restrooms.

“These buildings represent more than just places to do business. They sit in memory of people who were born and raised here … They are important for our souls. We should be more respectful before we tear something down.” — Former selectman Mark Hounsell on the demolition of the former Valley Jewelers building in Conway Village.

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