05-03-21 parking stickers box

The town ordered 5,000 bright orange parking permits to be printed. (RACHEL SHARPLES PHOTO)

CONWAY — About 200 vehicle permits that will allow Conway residents and second homeowners to park for free at several town recreation sites were distributed at Town Hall on Tuesday. Distribution continues today (Friday).

The town will start charging out-of-towners $20 a day to park at Davis Park, the east side of First Bridge and Smith-Eastman Landing on Meeting House Road come Memorial Day weekend.

Residents can pick up the bright orange stickers from general assistance officer BJ Parker, at Town Hall in Conway Village on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

In March, selectmen added Conway Lake’s parking lot to the list of areas that require the permit. But the $20 day pass will not be an option. And trucks with trailers, even those with permits, will not be allowed in the lot.

Applications for the permits can be found online at conwaynh.myrec.com.

On Wednesday, Parker said she issued 194 passes in eight hours on Tuesday.

“I don’t think the line ever got longer than 10 people,” said Parker. “Supplies should last awhile at a rate of 200 per day.”

Rec Director John Eastman had ordered 5,000 stickers to be printed.

He said they are to be affixed to the rear passenger window on the lefthand (driver’s side).

Town Manager Tom Holmes said sticker distribution was “brisk” and “steady all day.”

All residents should bring their driver’s license and car registration to prove their residency.

Eastman said enforcement after Memorial Day Weekend will include every weekend until Father’s Day Weekend (June 20). After June 20, enforcement will take place seven days a week through Labor Day weekend. Violators are subject to $100 fines.

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