CONWAY — New inductees to the Mud Bowl Hall of Fame this year were: Sharks: Kelly Tibbetts and Dylon Therrien; Hogs: Becca Deschenes, who superbly sings the National Anthem every year; Mud Things: Blair Lynch; Muckaneers: Nathan Fitts and Mike Chenevert; Gumbys: Gary Barrs, Brenda Barrs and Katie Arnault; Rats: Joel Parlin, Rachel Parlin and Craig Heath; Muddas: Suzanna Holder and Daniel Woodworth; and Predators: Dan Callahan.

Winners of the spirit award for their in-the-mud routines were the Muddas cheerleaders. Taking second were the MWV Hoggettes.

Attendance for Saturday’s 38th Tournament of Mud Parade sponsored by longtime Mud Bowl overall sponsor Amoskeag Beverages LLC of Bow was good, with the parade held after the 20th anniversary 9/11 ceremonies in Schouler Park.

Winner of Open Division was the Kennett High School Drumline.

Coming in second were the Mudbassadors.

Taking third were Grand Marshals Jon and Monica Belkin, who built a float to ride on for the parade.

In the team class, the Crocs came in first with their Mud Bowl horror skit; the Nashua Mud Gumbys came in second for their mud monster routine; and the MWV Hogs were third for their Hogs and Oates “Mudeater”-themed song and their Mudmerican Bandstand-themed entry in honor of Mud Bowl’s parade theme, “45 Years in the Mud.”

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