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Danny Quint (center) is seen with Lollie Bibb of Bartlett and Tom Eastman of The Conway Daily Sun at Albany’s Almost There in summer 2019. (SITCH SAMIA PHOTO)

CONWAY — Almost five years ago, Danny Quint left his hometown for Nashville on a mission to publish music — specifically, songs of the valley’s legendary band The Blend, the first musical group ever to play at the Portland Civic Center.

Today he’ll be releasing his own song and music video at 6 p.m. on YouTube.

“I had no intention of coming to Nashville to become a recording artist,” Quint told the Sun. He said after getting over two dozen of The Blend’s songs in the right ears, all he heard was they didn’t contain the words “beer,” “drunk,” “whiskey” and “breakup.”

Quint said, “What they were really telling me was how to write a marketable song. So I did, and gave them all the alcohol and romance they could handle in ‘I Just Might Marry Me.’”

Quint, 63, was born and raised in Conway. He attended Kennett High School, graduating in 1974.

He was on the mound when the Eagles won their first state baseball title under Coach Bob Burns in 1974. He pitched every inning in Kennett’s championship run. He later was pitching coach for the Eagles under Burns from 2008-12. He was elected into the Kennett High Sports Hall of Fame in 1994.

Quint attended Broward Junior College in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Springfield College in Springfield, Mass. In 1993, he was the managing partner in Hale Highland Development Corp.

Long a passionate fan and promoter of local music, Quint in 1982 worked with friend Darrell Umlah to present the final concert by the legendary valley rock group The Blend, with the show taking place at the base of Mount Whittier in Center Ossipee.

Featuring Steve Dore on guitar and piano, Jim “J.D.” Drown on guitar, Skip Smith on drums, Ken Holt on bass and Donnie Pomber on keyboards, The Blend recorded two albums for MCA Records in the 1970s and ’80s.

They once opened for The Who at Boston Garden in 1978. Their music is still played on WBLM and WMWV.

Believing in their music’s staying power, and after conferring with the wife and family of the late Drown, Quint went to Nashville, Tenn., a few years ago with the intent of having some of Drown’s original songs recorded by country artists. Those experiences eventually led him to write his own single.

The tune is catchy, and the clever lyrics will keep you laughing long after you’ve stopped watching.

But Quint said the journey to getting the song produced was not all laughter but actually a lot of hard work. After attending a workshop at ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) where, he said, “you’re allowed to play one song, and maybe they’ll plug you if they like it.

“So I’m there with two rappers, two young country artists in the room,” Quint recalled. When it was my turn, I chose everyone’s favorite, ‘The Prize.’”

At the end, Quint said, the man running the meeting said to him, “It’s poetry.”

But Quint said after he told him, “I have about 50 more songs from my friend who passed away,” the man said he was chasing someone else’s dreams, that he was wasting his time and should go home.

Though stunned, Quint said the words actually lit a fire under him. “The first thing I said to myself is, ‘I’m not going anywhere,’” he said, adding, “I probably should reach out and thank him for the drive he gave me.”

The video  — because in today’s world, in order to have a hit, you’ve got to have a music video — was filmed by The Nashville Film Institute and did a great job, Quint said.

But there were some bumps along the road. “It was a three-day shoot, and the night before the Day 2 shoot at the lake house, Michael Tabb, the director, was informed the scheduled girls couldn’t make it” to the 10 a.m. shoot.

After looking high and low for potential actresses at places like breakfast restaurants and health clubs, he struck out time after time.

“It’s 9 a.m., and the shoot is in an hour and no girls,” Quint recalled. “He then went to Walmart. Yes Walmart. You gotta be laughing at this. Walked around for 15 minutes and no girls. Upon leaving, he saw a beauty salon in the same complex. No luck there either, but they said try Golds Gym across the highway.

“He enters Gold’s Gym. Knowing this was his last shot, he pulled out his phone and played the song for them. They laughed, and he said, ‘I’m supposed to be filming a music video for this song on the lake in 30 minutes. Are there any girls here that might be interested in being in it. And he came back with girls! True story.”

Quint added: “If you think that’s funny you should see some of the T-shirts in the store. I hired an artist for some of them, so they’re original. See them at ijustmightmarryme.com.

“I advise all young people that if you have a dream, follow it, take a chance. Because you can’t steal second with your foot still on first,” Quint said.

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