OSSIPEE — A lawyer representing one of the trio charged in connection with an alleged armed robbery in Hannaford’s parking lot expressed frustration Wednesday with the lack of information coming from police prosecutors about the case and thus making preliminary court hearings a waste of time.

Police charged two men and a woman in connection with an armed robbery in September, two of which haven’t been caught. The trio consists of Brian K. Parmenter Jr., 30, of Albany; his brother Cody Parmenter, 28, homeless; and Olivia Pope, 27, homeless.

Brian Parmenter, who was arrested on a warrant out of Oxford County, Maine, on Oct. 19, was held without bail at Carroll County’s jail. On Oct. 22, he pleaded not guilty to robbery with a firearm and criminal threatening against a person with a firearm.

On Wednesday, Parmenter appeared before Carroll County Superior Court Judge Amy Ignatius for a status conference. Parmenter was represented by public defender Robin Davis. Assistant Carroll County Attorney Matthew Conley was the prosecutor.

The issues Ignatius hoped to tackle were whether the prosecution had offered a plea deal and where things stood with discovery.

Conley said discovery would be shared once police provide it.

“I’ve said on numerous occasions to both defense counsel and to prosecutors, for these (status hearings) to be effective, there needs to be communication well before the hearing itself,” said Ignatius.

Davis said she received the

probable cause affidavit and a criminal history.

“My client’s been incarcerated for an entire month and here we are at a status conference,” said Davis. “And it was only yesterday that we learned that discovery is not within the state’s possession, and there’s no offer.

“So it’s frustrating to me that we have the status conferences in the state seems unprepared to move forward with these particular hearings and only gives notice to me the day before,” she added.

Davis said the court’s docket is “overflowing” and it would be helpful if the state was prepared.  She was alluding to a backlog caused by the judicial branch’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re all complaining about caseload, and we’re not using these hearings productively,” said Davis. “So it’s a real frustration from my end, not only in this case, but in other cases that I have.”

Ignatius agreed and said everyone throughout the court system is “feeling we have a tremendous backlog we are trying to work our way through.”

Conley said he’s doing the best he can. “I can only move things along as quickly as they were sent to me,” said Conley.

Ignatius asked why the reports hadn’t been completed, and Conley said his office “reached out” to the police and hadn’t heard anything back but that he would try again after the hearing.

Ignatius called the probable cause affidavit, which was under seal, is “very lengthy” and “detailed.”

“At this point, it seems to me that this case needs to be fleshed out, given that my client is incarcerated, and we don’t seem to have any time frames as to when we can move forward in a substantial way with the resolution of this case,” said Davis.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts  of Olivia Pope and/or Cody Parmenter is asked to call (603) 356-5715 or email isu@conwaypd.com.

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