On Dec. 4, the selectmen met and dealt with the following. The small claims court cases to collect delinquent taxes moved forward. There were three payment hearings scheduled: Dec. 17, 18 and Jan. 22. Kathy Golding went to court and dealt with the first two cases.

The town owned tax deeded property on Hurley Corner would be held on Saturday, Dec. 7, at 10 a.m. Much interest has been shown for the property.

Carroll County Broadband continues to be of great interest to all.

A meeting was scheduled for Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. in Wolfeboro where Consolidated Communications would be making a presentation. It also appears Spectrum is now interested as well. All 18 towns in the county and Hales Location are represented.

Selectman Cathy Ryan reported that the conservation commission plans to draft a plan to enhance the boundary lines of the town forest as well as a maintenance plan for the trails throughout the forest. Sean Wadsworth continued his discussion on a groundwater ordinance and filed for a grant to educate the townspeople and to explain what is being done and why. It will likely be presented to the Planning Board for review and approval. The commission also voted to keep its proposed budget for 2020.

Selectman Joe Ferris reported on the School Board. The next Albany meeting will be held January, 2020 while the SAU 9 board will meet on Dec. 12 where the budget will be discussed.

Ferris also brought up an issue concerning a snow clearance/safety issue on Bald Hill that a resident brought to his attention. Chairman Rick Hiland asked the town administrator to make the Road Agent aware of this problem.

On Dec. 11, the selectmen met again. Among the items discussed was Saturday’s auction. Hiland explained that the winning bidder had 30 days to pay. (A title search was being done to make sure all was in order.) Should the bidder back out there was a second bidder interested.

Regarding a question put earlier to Colleen Cormack, Town Administrator, Kathy Golding reported that North Country Council advised Albany to raise and appropriate money to hold joint Hazardous Household Waste days with other towns.

Hiland is seeking information from the Conway Library regarding a list of Albany cardholders and information as to how many Albany children have used the recreation center in Conway this year. This type of information is needed for the 2020 budget.

Ray Desmarais has sent the selectmen an estimate of work to be done on the town hall building. It will be reviewed and the selectmen will report on it at the next meeting.

(Big news!) Town Administrator Kathy Golding has offered her resignation to the board of selectmen. Hiland made a motion of acceptance and wished her the best of luck at her new job. All selectmen were in agreement.

The last selectmen’s meeting of 2019 was held on Dec. 18. The selectmen’s office will be closed from Dec. 21 through Jan. 2. The next selectmen’s meeting is scheduled for Jan. 8 at 5:30 p.m.

There will, however, be a broadband meeting at town hall on Dec. 27 with both Steve Knox and Hiland in attendance. Matrix, a broadband company, will send a representative. It appears that several companies are very interested in doing business with Carroll County.

While discussing the 2020 Albany budget, the selectmen have decided that all property tax payers of Albany stop by the town office for a voucher to receive a Conway Library card. This procedure will be done yearly.

The selectmen have looked at the estimate for repairing town hall and feel that the only work still needed is siding, though Ferris is concerned about the possibility of lead paint present and how to deal with that. They will discuss these problems with Desmarais.

The selectmen discussed going ahead with extending the sewer boundary since Subaru and Motor Sports wish to go ahead with the project. This discussion will be taken up in January. Other businesses in the area (Coleman’s and the Waldorf School) will be invited to offer their ideas. Should everyone agree, the project must be taken up at Conway’s Town Meeting in April.

Hiland reported on the Wolfeboro Broadband meeting. Since more than one broadband company is interested in working with Carroll County, the group has decided to seek legal assistance. A mutual non-disclosure agreement needs to be signed.

Hiland reported that the planning board will meet on Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. They will be discussing the adoption of street standards.

Ferris reported that SAU 9 met last week. At that meeting he voted against the budget as he thought it dealt not with needs but rather wants.

The selectmen have set the first Tuesday in February as the last day for non-profit petitioned articles to be presented.

Before the selectmen ended their open meeting they discussed formulating an ad for Town Administrator and Assistant. Kathy will be leaving her post by the end of this year. (We all wish Kathy well and will greatly miss her.)

Waldorf School: Dine-to-Donate at Flatbread Company on Jan. 14.

Gibson Center: The center is closed for Christmas and Jan. 1. On Tuesday, Jan. 7 John Elfring will share his story, how he learned to be what he was meant to be, after lunch on Tuesday, Jan. 7. Conway Historian Bob Cotrell held a meeting on Dec. 17 showing a website of issues of the Reporter (paper that printed from the 1800s to 1973). If you have a date or event you’d like to look up, check it out with him at the Conway Library. The MWV Adult Day Center is now open. Call (603) 356-4980 or go to mwvadultdaycenter.org for more information about this comfortable, home-like facility.

Call (603) 356-3231 to sign up for trip to River Dance on Jan. 14. The cost is $85.

Looking for fireworks on New Year’s Eve? Try Schouler Park at 9:30 p.m.

Mary and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Don’t let the cold or the possible snow disturb your enjoyment. See you in 2020.

Send your news to Mary Leavitt at (603) 367-9133 or Dorothy Solomon at (603) 447-1199.

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