CONWAY — Bringing an affordable spa experience to the Mount Washington Valley since 2017 is Laurie Banks of the SoakingPot Infusion Spa.

Banks graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1995 with a degree in agricultural science. She moved to Washington state in the late '90s and worked in data analytics as a self-taught IT specialist for a start-up company.

Now she’s come full-circle, owning a start-up of her own.

“People are on their feet all day. Whether it’s at a hospital, restaurant or retail, people needed an affordable way to relax,” Banks said.

The SoakingPot does just that, offering soaks that fit any price range. From a classic soak at $18 to any of the customized blends at $30-35, you can also add on a massage or tea to your soaking experience whether you choose to soak for a full hour or just 30 minutes.

Beyond the treatment itself, the SoakingPot offers a unique and social type of spa. Treatment rooms have large, luxurious armchairs. While guests are receiving their own unique treatments, they’re encouraged to socialize and enjoy the relaxation together.

The menu includes 12 custom soaks that are a blend of herbs, salts and essential oils offered daily. Monthly, the SoakingPot offers a limited-edition soak and tea.

On the process of creating the soak menu, Banks remarked, “It was stressful for me because although I know my herbs and a lot of their properties, your choices are endless. So it was difficult dialing myself back to just pick a few really good blends.”

She added: “At the end of the day, there’s nothing like watching a customer sink into their chair the moment they put their feet in the pot,” Banks said. “The stress just melts away, and they’re in heaven.”

Monthly the SoakingPot hosts events with a limited-edition soak and tea to match the event.

June 18 will feature a Flower Hour with Carrie Scribner of Dutch Bloemen Winkal florist of Jackson. It will include a 30-minute tutorial on how to arrange foraged flowers, with one lucky guest winning Carrie's own bouquet.

Following the tutorial will be a floral-themed soak and tea.

Tickets for the Flower Hour with Carrie Scribner are $50 and can be purchased online.

To check out more monthly events hosted by the SoakingPot, be sure to check the online calendar. They also offer discounts on Wednesday for buy-one-get-one soaks and discounts for fellow Settlers Green employees.

For more information, check them out at 2 Common Court H-45 in Settlers Green, call (603) 356-2400 or go to

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