CONWAY — Burke Quarry, which opened this winter, has been three generations in the making.

The quarry is an addition to the pre-existing Gordon T. Burke & Sons Inc. General Contracting, which specializes in residential and site utility excavation. A lead supplier for the area's aggregate stone and loam, they deliver to both commercial and residential projects.

First opened in 1946 by Gordon T. Burke himself, the business was taken over by his sons Curt and Tom Burke when Gordon retired.

Now, they have passed the family business into the capable hands of their own sons, Jeff and Tom Jr.

With a plethora of experience between the two, Jeff first began working for the company as a boy during the summer. Tom joined him at age 16. He then went on to get his degree in business management from Plymouth State.

Now they have expanded the tradition with the grand opening of the Burke Quarry, a state-of-the-art facility that streamlines the process for drivers and contractors alike.

Its scale system weighs the trucks upon entry and again after they’ve been loaded with crushed stone or gravel mixes to make for a fast and accurate transaction.

Receipts are then dispensed right from the weigh station without drivers ever having to leave their trucks.

Since opening in December, Burke Quarry has mined 70,000 yards of stone. The process involves drilling an intricate grid up to 50 feet deep and then blasting apart the stone with dynamite. They partner with Maine Drilling and Blasting for all the blasts they do on site and adhere to strict state safety standards.

Burke Quarry offers many products and services, such as: gravel, including crushed stone from 2-6 inches, as well as gravel mixes tested to meet strict state standards; crushed stone, large decorative landscaping stone and stone siding; also, sand and fill, loam for landscaping, recycled products and disposal of recycled materials.

For more information, visit Burke Quarry LLC at 170 Industrial Drive, Center Conway; call (603) 662-0380; or go to

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