For whatever it is worth, I am a 23-year retired veteran. As such, I would ask you to perhaps consider my opinion to be more valid when it comes to the President and the comments that were "reported" by a less than responsible publication. As it turns out, that terrible quote co…



I respect the fact that you are a doctor. However, if you recall, from the very onset of this pandemic, the CDC and the WHO were either not very forthcoming, or honest about the information we needed.

They were also providing a lot of mixed messaging and guidance.



RetVet commented on Bill Marvel: Millennium


Not that you need to be explained, but what it sounds like is you are expressing, is the thing that could save our country from the chaos that has taken us by storm.

There was a time, not too long ago, no matter your Party affiliation, we were all still proud Americans. …


Sure, go with personal attacks when the facts don't align with the truth (or your dogma).

Marxist disinformation strategies. You can stop them a mile away...


RetVet commented on Alec Kerr: Lack of empathy

Not really. Only for those that agree... If you continue to box out opposing thoughts or ideas as being bad or negative, you are only an echo chamber for the like-minded.


RetVet commented on Alec Kerr: Lack of empathy

"If these racists, sexists, homophobes, etc., actually experienced even a small window into the world of the people they so broadly label, maybe they would think twice."

Do you not see the irony or the hypocrisy of your own words?

You ask for the very thing that you aren't eve…


The truth is the Steele dossier is a bought and paid for, fabricated, piece of fake intel.

The DNC funded it through an outside, private intelligence service, Fusion GPS.

It has been completely debunked and discredited. Even the Mueller Investigation disregarded it.

You …


After 23 years of service, I'm going with Trump.

Besides the fact that this latest "story" is total BS (anonymous sources), there is absolutely, no way in the world, I could ever vote for someone who supports the current ANTIFA/Marxist rioting.

Shall we also talk about Biden's…


“Is Biden respectable?” No, he has been thoroughly implicated in a huge corruption scandal in both the Ukraine and China. The problem is the Democrats will never investigate because it will torpedo their candidate.

“Experienced?” You bet. Over 50 years in elected office. So why didn…


Randel, Once again your far-left interpretation of current and past events never fails to distort and twist the facts and available statistics.

And what's this soft-soap view of Marxism that you are pedaling.

Are you actually suggesting we adopt a Marxist agenda?

If so, …

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