To the editor:

Republican lawmakers know there was no fraud. They know Donald Trump is lying and they know Jan. 6 was an attempt at overthrowing the election. In other words, an insurrection, not a love fest as Trump recently claimed.

But they also know that they can't win on a level playing field. That the more diverse this country becomes, the less chance they have of winning the White House or Congress. Republican lawmakers know they need Trump's base. An ignorant group of faux patriots who want a Christian white nationalist nation. Their idea of patriotism is standing for the National Anthem and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. They believe the way to heaven is by saying Merry Christmas. 

We must realize that the Republicans are inflaming this ignorant base, firing them up to use them in their march to form an autocratic government. Feeding them more lies and conspiracies knowing they will not bother to check the veracity. 

Anyone with an interest in preserving our republic should be outraged and scared by what the Republicans are doing around the nation with voter suppression and nullification laws. Republican lawmakers, Trump, and his base are not American patriots. They are not a voice that needs to be heard, but a voice that needs to be shut down. 

Republicans must not win back the Senate or the House in 2022. It is that dire. It is not hyperbole. Our democracy is at stake. The filibuster must be ended in order to pass a fair to all voters rights bill before it is too late. As to those who will get their hackles up by my saying this, I don't care. I see you as the true enemies of the state and of what America is meant to stand for.

Graham Selby

North Conway

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The real enemies of the state have opened our borders to a million illegal aliens whom they see as future democrat voters. The real enemies talk of padding the supreme court because they can't get their way otherwise. The real enemies disparage the nuclear family, vote to kill the unborn, an otherwise work constantly to bring down our culture and country. Real patriots serve their country in the military and again as freedom loving, G_d fearing men.


Wow! Spoken like a true authoritarian Marxist dictator.

If you think Republicans are scary, you really need to take a long hard look at yourself and see how your words look to anyone who doesn't see the world the way you do.

You sound like the perfect Brown Shirt/Red Sash candidate.

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