To the editor:

Joseph Dorsett’s latest offering was so chaotic, much of the time it wasn’t even clear who or what he was referring to. I’ll point to one topic to keep it simple for him.

One of the lies he referred to in his last letter was that “Trump did not call the Georgia Secretary of State to 'find' votes to change the state’s elections.”

This, like many claims Dorsett has made in his letters, is patently false. There’s even an audio recording and a transcript readily available for anyone that actually wants to know the truth.

During the recorded conversation, Trump made the statement below to Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger (a Republican), which clearly disproves Dorsett’s claim (quotes from NYT and Washington Post, although they were reported almost everywhere worldwide):

“I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”

I assume Trump meant one more than we need, but it’s Trump.

Trump, who frequently used the Justice Department to do his bidding, then tried to intimidate Raffensperger, telling him, “You know, that’s a criminal, that’s a criminal offense. And you know, you can’t let that happen. That’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. That’s a big risk.”

The reply from Raffensperger is instructional for both Trump and the Trump cult members who continue to make false claims about the election. “Well, Mr. President, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong,” he said.

For those of us who believe in truth, and who know the country needs the Republican party to return to viable status, it’s encouraging that there are still principled, reasonable Republicans out there that are willing to stand up and do what’s right. We need a lot more of them locally and nationally.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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Anyone still supporting the LYING phony coward aka 45 is apparently in it to own the libs, whatever the hell that means. Grow up and respect the US Constitution and TRUTH.


Take the train.


Did you actually read the transcript in its entirety? You can argue the merits of the conversation but nothing illegal or even unethical was asked for or suggested.

If you did take the time to read the whole transcript, the President was not trying to get the GA officials to “create”, or “find” 11,780 votes. He simply wanted them to “identify” that many votes that were illegally cast. In his opinion, he believed there were a couple hundred thousand illegally cast votes, and winning by one is as good as winning by thousands. He CLEARLY states that he’s not saying to uncover all the votes, simply find 11,780 faulty ballots.

Of course, the Washington Post did their best to spin the conversation to fit their narrative and the rest of the media, like the trained dogs they are, joined right in as per usual with their “creative” editing.

You know how that goes. Just read the Charlottesville speech transcript, the phone call to the Ukraine transcript, or the January 6th speech transcript in their entirety and context. They are all very much available online.

Want to now talk about an actual audit vs. a recount and why the DNC is fighting tooth and nail to stop all the audit(s)? Or how about the warehouse that was holding the 10’s of thousands of mail-in ballots in Georgia? Where did they go? Or the video of the piles of virgin, un-creased mail-in ballots.

Not even curious???

Didn’t think so…

Want to talk about the bang-up job ‘Ole Joe is doing as he destroys our Country piece by piece. How about his ties to China or Russia? What about his rapid, almost catastrophic cognitive decline?

1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment???

All good there?

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