A screen shot of a video retweeted by Donald Trump Jr. shows Eaton man Quddus Snyder mooning a Trump campaign rally in North Conway Thursday as Conway Police Sgt. Bill Strong tries to stop him.

CONWAY — An Eaton man baring his behind across the street from a Donald Trump Jr. event at the Lobster Trap Restaurant on Thursday didn’t escape notice of the restaurant owner or the president’s son.

The midday event outside the restaurant located at 2840 West Side Road attracted hundreds of Trump fans, who waited to get into a corralled space behind the restaurant with folding chairs and media risers.

Across the street, during the event approximately 50 demonstrators chanted and carried signs. Among them was Quddus Snyder of Eaton, who reportedly crossed the road, dropped his pants and “mooned” the Trump gathering.

“Proudest day of my life,” said Snyder in a text. “Got a lil’ carried away in the moment and dropped trouser ... I know Trump saw it.”

Trump Jr. did in fact catch wind of it and tweetedout a video of Snyder’s antics.

“Here are the Biden-Harris supporters ‘protesting’ me in NH today,” said Trump Jr. “A real group of winners Team Biden brought out today!”

He concluded the tweet with a laughing emoji.

He also retweeted a posting from New York Magazine correspondent Olivia Nuzzi, but added his own comment and video to her tweet. Nuzzi wrote that protesters were chanting, “Lock him up.”

The video shows Snyder bending over and and slapping his rear end and Conway Police Sgt. Bill Strong walking over and taking Snyder by the arm.

Trump’s tweet was seen 302,000 times by 12:30 p.m. Friday.

According to Conway Police Lt. Chris Mattei, Snyder was not arrested and police don’t believe that they have probable cause that the conduct would violate any New Hampshire state statute.

“As far as the mooning incident, this does not meet the statutory requirements of indecent exposure or lewdness because it was the individual’s buttocks. Under RSA 645:1, a person must expose his or her genitals,” said Mattei adding it didn’t meet the criteria for disorderly conduct either.

Lobster Trap owner Billy Cuccio said: “I think it was abhorrent that a 42-year-old man would do that in the presence of women and children.” Cuccio called Snyder’s antics “disgusting and disrespectful.”

Cuccio said he and Snyder went to Kennett High School together and both graduated from Kennett in 1998. They played on the same basketball team.

Asked why he would direct a moon toward his former teammate, Snyder said: “If you host a Trump rally, you’ve got to expect folks are going to protest. Trump is a tyrant and a criminal. Nothing personal against the Cuccio family.”

Meanwhile, Cuccio has alleged that a protester broke into his house and damaged his $1,500 flat screen television. He said witnesses saw a woman enter his home. Mattei said the incident is being investigated.

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Bill Dempster

Captain Q of the SS Maleficence once again has run aground the flagship of LOVE. You, an advanced degree professor, when presented a once in a lifetime opportunity teaching moment, instead chose a prepubescent act of self-promotion for fleeting fame on social media. Thomas Nast has to be rolling in the grave knowing his historical symbol for the party of JFK and RBG is replaced by you as the party symbol of AOC.

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