CONWAY — North Conway’s Ted Sares will receive Ring 10’s first annual Harold Lederman Award at the organization’s annual banquet in Throgs Neck, N.Y. on Sept. 29. Ring 10 is a boxing charity located in New York that helps boxing veterans around the world get back on their feet and live with dignity. Unlike most charities, Ring 10 donates all funds raised directly to the boxers.

“This is one of the biggest honors I have ever received and I am deeply humbled,” said Sares, who is a lifetime member of Ring 10.

This year’s other honorees are: Mark Taffat, who will receive the SALDA-Steve Acunto Lifetime Dedication Award; Steve Willis, who is getting the Wayne Kelly Top Referee Award; Andre Rozier, to receive the Manny Steward Trainer of the Year; and former boxer Micky Ward, to receive the Jerry Quarry Top Contender Award.

Sares, 82, is an internationally-known boxing writer who has been associated with the sport in different ways for over 60 years.

He will be receiving the award in part for his writing (he works on-line for The Sweet Science) and in part for reaching out to boxers in need and connecting them to RING 10. Ted said that he was deeply humbled to be on the same dais as the other award winners and considered this a bucket list-type of achievement. The late and multi-honored Lederman was an iconic boxing judge and analyst. He retired from active judging but joined with HBO show as its ”unofficial” ringside scorer in 1986, and remained there until HBO dropped boxing in 2018.

Lederman was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2016, the first boxing judge to be so honored.

“It was said of this beautiful man that no one in the sport had more friends, because no one in the sport was more deserving of friends,” Sares said.

Sares, a good friend of Harold and his wife Eileen, compared him to the old Sara Lee advertisement to wit: “nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee,” and nobody doesn’t like Harold Lederman. If humility and passion are worth money, then Harold was a billionaire.”

Lederman died in May, he was 79. Among the scheduled fundraiser attendees this year are former world champions Michael “Second To” Nunn, Gerald “The G-Man” McClellan (and his care giver sister Lisa), Michael “Double M” Moorer, “Irish” Micky Ward, “Iceman” John Scully, Thomas “Hitman” Hearns and many more.

Ring 10’s mission, according to its website states, “Unlike other major sports that have a union to represent the athlete, professional boxers have no such safety net. Even without a union it is hard to believe that legendary fighters such as Mickey Walker, Sandy Saddler, Kid Gavilan, Ken Norton and Joe Frazier would not be taken care of by the organized boxing establishment when they fell on hard times after retiring from the ring. But, unfortunately, that is the case. We are proud to say that Ring 10 of NY is stepping up and making a difference with assistance and contributions to all impoverished and/or ailing fighters (regardless of background or origin).

It adds: “Our goal is to help retired boxers who are in need. We are a non-profit charity with all monies, and we mean all, go to the fighters we support. None of your donation dollars go to any members or directors of Ring 10. It is all voluntary.”

Tickets for the banquet, which will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Marina Del Rey in Throgs Neck, N.Y., are available at Tickets are $135 each.

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