It seems the trend is continuing across the country. Buyers are itching to get back in the market, but our home inventory is still building its way back up. This trend will continue while interest rates are down. And, like we mentioned last week, many homeowners are realizing they want more space and more windows. If you're thinking of selling, give your agent a call today. There's a good chance they already have someone interested in looking at your place.

As things start to pick back up in the real estate market, sellers are getting caught off-guard with regards to their home's readiness to be shown. That's understandable since for the last three-four months we haven't been able to have guest.

There was talk of our poker group getting back together this week for a game, but too many of us (present company included) were still staying on the cautious side and wanted to stick to the online version.

If you are going to join the fray and list your home for sale, let's take a quick peek around the house and make sure you're "showing-ready"!

While this may seem unlikely, don't forget to put away any remaining holiday/winter decorations. Since we haven't had to entertain since winter, I have a feeling there's a healthy number of Christmas lights still lingering around our readers' homes. You know how I feel about clutter, so throw this in that same pile and get those things put away or brought to your favorite donation center. The beauty of donating (or selling) is it's one less thing to have to pack and move.

I love a cool home in the summer and our internal temperature reflects that. To that end, we do have a couple of light blankets on the couch in case anyone (yours truly) gets chilly watching "Parks and Recreation" (greatest show on TV). Aside from those "emergency" blankets, look around the home and see if there are "winter" feeling items (blankets, rugs, hanging coats, boots, etc.) that could be stowed away. You're not trying to hide the fact that winter exists. The goal is to simply present a season-ready home for your potential buyers.

While we're talking about warmer temperatures, this might be a good time to clean your windows. I know. "Ugh", right? But people are going a bit stir crazy during this crazy time and being able to "feel" like they are outside, by viewing the world through clean windows, is pretty important.

You will also want to open as many windows as possible (weather permitting) for the showing. This allows the fresh air to clean your home and even helps with the outside viewing.

We have talked a bit about the backyard over the last couple weeks as well. My only real recommendation here is to be sure everything is tidied up back there. Coil up the hose. Put away the rake and lawn mower. And even clean up the kid's toys (at least during the actual showing or open house).

Just like inside the home where we eliminate any of our own family photos and personal items, we would do the same in the backyard. We want the buyers to be able to picture their own hammock and lawn furniture back there. We want them to feel "home."

Lastly, it's a great idea to ensure that there's nothing broken or malfunctioning throughout the home.

"I encourage my sellers to hire a handyman and provide them with a list of things that are in need of repair," Badger Realty agent David Cianciolo said. "It ensures the repairs are done correctly and, let's be honest, actually get done."

That dripping faucet has been that way for months. If you were going to fix it, you would have by now. Just hire a trusted handyman and you can stop worrying about those pesky repairs.

It's a great time to get your home on the market so get cleaning, decluttering and fixing. Your home will be ready for that first phone call and next thing you know, you'll be packing up and preparing to move. Check all your lightbulbs, do a nice deep clean, and even stage the home so everything looks perfect. You'll be glad you did.

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