The phones at Country Cabinets, etc. have been ringing off the hook. Since a majority of people have been spending more time in their homes, they realize that they would like to improve what currently exists. If you are interested in a new kitchen or bath, you can make your life a lot easier by developing a wish list of everything that you want to then create a preliminary budget.

A word of caution about budgeting: Don't rely on home improvement television as a valid source. While HGTV, DIY and other networks and shows are great sources of inspiration, their timetables and budgets do not resemble reality. They often don't include time for planning, permitting or the cost of labor.

Your wish list and budget need to align. If they don't, you're likely to be disappointed. Our showroom professionals help homeowners develop realistic expectations and budgets every day. 

• Here are several factors that can increase budgets:

• Relocating appliances, sinks and faucets likely will result in having to move existing plumbing, electrical and gas lines and ductwork.

• Commercial grade appliances are more expensive options.

• Bluetooth enabled and smart appliances are generally more expensive than conventional appliances.

• Opening up a kitchen space to another room may require structural improvements.

• Moving walls, gas, water and electrical lines and ductwork often require code upgrades.

• Adding windows, doors or skylights.

• Creating new space by extending your kitchen outdoors or into another room.

• Selecting custom cabinets.

• Starting demolition before finalizing plans, drawings and orders.

• Changing plans after construction begins.

Making a wish list helps to focus on your priorities. We specialize in helping homeowners to prioritize their wish lists and offer alternatives if specific wants don’t match available budgets. We also encourage our clients to share their ideas with us to identify value-creating opportunities and options to lower costs without compromising look or performance.

If you are interested in renovating your home, give Country Cabinets a call at (603-356-5766) or email ( us to make an appointment to visit the showroom.

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