There were 28 responses to this week's Tele-Talk question: "Should remote learners be allowed to participate in KHS sports?" Most responders replied in the affirmative.

Wouldn't children going to school be exposed to COVID issues at home too? Yes, any student should be allowed to participate in sports. Kelley Moreira

Yes. Jim Nixon

Students who are in face-to-face school may also have "COVID issues at home." As many students on the teams that we play against. COVID is not being controlled in schools by controlling home environments, it is being controlled by having strict protocols in place and dedicated students and staff that adhere to protocols and procedures. Athletics have also adopted protocols and procedures. If athletics are deemed safe, they are safe for all students who choose to participate. Kristin Nelson Groves

Only if they submit to wearing masks and temp checks and screenings like the in-school students. If they want the same privileges as the in-school students they need to participate in the same responsibilities as in-school students. Dawn James

Sports should be available to anyone of the appropriate age in that town. It shouldn't be a "school-only" activity. Agreeable or not, the pandemic pushed everyone into school choice: school, remote school, private school, charter school, homeschool, and it will only benefit our kids and families in the long run. Sports should be a town activity available to ALL, no matter how they choose to go about getting their education. Sports are about kids staying active — today that's needed more than ever. Michelle Longley

No. If you choose remote due to COVID, stay home, stay safe. Don't come into school for extracurricular activities. That's hypocritical. If you want to stay home and do extracurricular activities, then get into a homeschool program. The administration and some board members say that some students have chosen remote not due to COVID but because that model seems to work better for them. That's sad to hear. It's sad that a high school student would rather stay home alone and look at a screen than be in a classroom with other kids and a teacher. Let's try to work on that and fix that.

I honestly cannot believe the school board has an issue with this question! Shame on all of them for even thinking of banning any registered student from playing sports! COVID protocols are in place and should be used for screening before a student enters school or locker rooms. So what is this big issue!? Tammie Savini

The answer requires one to look deep into their soul and find the wisdom, based on life experiences, for the answer. The youth of today have not endured life's punches so their opinion has no meaning. As for me, i will not share my negative view at this time. Good luck, Jamie!

They should be able to participate. They are still students at the school. This is NOT the doing of the children. This pandemic is not something they have any say about. I cannot believe this question is even being raised. Diana Hoyt

The reason children are remote is no one's business other than their families. If their families are comfortable with them participating in extra-curricular activities, then they should be allowed. They have just as much right as in-person learners. Monica Ingham

Absolutely! Dumbest question I’ve ever heard! They’re still enrolled in the school! They’re just not attending in person due to worries about COVID! It doesn’t make them any less of a student of the school. Nowadays it’s a legit worry that I don’t blame them or the parents for not having them appear in person, especially with the rising numbers as of late. Jeremy Boutilier

Well yeah, they should have a choice. Angela Merrill

Of course. No brainer. Should not be an issue. John Lajoie

All students should be given equal opportunities to participate, enjoy and have the ability to recreationally compete in any sports/activities within the school system. Zac A. Mercauto

Are the students that chose remote learning concerned about getting COVID at school? Wouldn't the same risks apply to playing sports with in school students? Makes no sense. Kate Briand

Yes of course. Kelly Stockton Arruda

Do these people think a few hours in school each day absolves or lessens them of COVID risks? Paul Gallichotte

Of course. Jennifer Hamlin Plessinger

Yes. George Cole

Yes. Melissa Tibbetts

A remote student is no more likely to have “COVID issues at home” than an in-person student, that argument is ridiculous. There could be any number of reasons that they chose remote. Perhaps they are concerned about being in a building with questionable ventilation but feel an outdoor sport with proper COVID protocols is relatively safe. Regardless, they have just as much right to choose to play as any other student in the district and shouldn’t be “banned.” John Stokke

Athletics plays a huge part in mental health. Any student that's been isolating this long and is ready for some normalcy, should not be denied. Socialization and exercise are so important. Jayne McDevitt

I think it's important to provide equity for all students. The students that are remote are still registered students for the school, and they deserve the same equal opportunities that the in-person students do.

I say, let the kids play, let them all play. You know, this COVID stuff is driving everybody crazy. It's essentially driving the kids even crazier, by excluding them from going out and playing. You know, they're young, they can get over it anyway. And I'm sure that there are parents that are concerned but you know, there's concerns for the mental health of the kids, too. So let the kids play. DP from Lovell.

Home school or remote learning are one and the same. However, if everybody has some major concerns, a virus test could be simply done. I think everybody should have the opportunity. However, all students regardless of whether it's homeschool or remote learning should have to. If that's not the rule or the guidelines, then I'd say no to everybody. It's what's fair for one should be fair for all. And I hope that a lot of the school department takes this up and gives it a lot of consideration. Lou from Center Conway.

I have no problem with remote learners playing sports. Homeschooling kids can play sports, so I don't see what the problem is. The real problem is not allowing the high school alpine ski team girls and boys coaches to be named head coaches but assistant coaches only. That's an outrage. Just like the winter debacle at the high school. So go Kennett Eagles, Alpine boys and girls. This is the powder slasher.

I thought all the students had to pay to play sports at Kennett in addition to the regular taxpayers' cost. So, if they have to pay, of course they should be able to play. Why would it be such a question you would ever ask? If they have to pay then they can play. This is V in Center Conway.

Remote learners absolutely should be allowed to be in extracurricular activities. It would be discrimination otherwise, and you should support those people that made decisions for whatever reasons they had to do remote learning. You shouldn't discriminate against them because of choices that seemed safer to them. Absolutely, they should be allowed.

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