There were nearly 100 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: Do you support a skate park in Conway? Nearly all supported the effort to build a skate park in Conway. Responses are below and at

I support the new skate park. My husband was a skater in high school. Most of his friends were skaters and grew up to be amazing men. I think a skate park would be great for the younger generations so they don’t get yelled at skating in places that don’t allow skating.

Here we go again, more development in order to continue the creation of a little Boston. This area is chronically being advertised as an “all-season” activity hot spot. A walking path was recently decided upon when there are hundreds or more natural hiking/walking trails in the area.

The skateboard park would be a positive opportunity for youth.

Yes, I would support a well-organized skate park. There is definitely a need for healthy activities for our teen population.

I believe building a skate park in Conway is a fantastic idea. I worked for six months at a residential facility for young men (13-19) that had a wide range of different behavioral issues. One of the few off-campus places we were allowed to take the kids was to the skate park. It was incredibly therapeutic in that it provided these kids with a positive atmosphere to push themselves, and others, in a constructive way. Mike Skelton

I certainly do support the KPMSP. It is a tribute to a wonderful young man. That goes without saying, also to all the people involved to keep his dream alive have worked so hard to make this come true.

The skate park will give the kids something to do. The versatility for kids in the valley to choose what type of sport they wish to do enhances the reasoning behind my support. I, for one, hope the state gives approval of the land soon so that they can get on with their business at hand, building a skate park for our kids.

As a 35-year-old Conway native (who moved to Maine two years ago) and an avid skateboarder, I definitely think we need a skate park in town. Growing up, we would go anywhere we could to skateboard. Being a teen, and a skateboarder I learned many things from the sport. Confidence, grace, frustration, pain, ecstatic joy. All of these emotions that one must wade through in any walk of life. Our community is tight-knit and very supportive of most walks of life. A skate park is the way to bring our community’s focus where it needs to be, the welfare of our children. With positive role models who still live in the valley and skate, and with positivity in community outreach, this park would be the blessing this town needs. Michel Rabideau

I was born and raised in the valley. There is nothing here for our teens and kids. When I was a kid, my friends and I had to skateboard, rollerblade, or trick bike in parking lots, or, if we were lucky, a friend’s very tiny paved driveway. We had no safe space and business owners don’t really want you in their lots. A skate park may bring noise, but good noise. This noise would be knowing that our kids have a safe space to ride and not wonder if they will come home hurt, or worse, get an emergency call from the hospital or their friends because something happened. I would take the noise that the skate park may bring any day. Build the park!

I myself am not a skateboarder, but I see the value in having a place for kids (and adults) to safely skate. This town is 15-plus years overdue for a professional skate park. Most ski towns USA have skate parks. In Colorado, the parks are huge, wide-open areas that are clean, well-lit and placed or zoned in areas of the community that are appropriate and part of a comprehensive parks and recreations plan. The KPMSP committee is doing everything correctly. They are supported by the Tony Hawk Foundation who will help them develop and zone this project for our community in a way that is positive for everyone. Let’s give our kids a place to call their own. A skateboarder’s mom — Jan Spinney, Intervale

I am in full support of the efforts of the Peare family. Our community has always been one that supports athletes; we have facilities and clubs that span most mainstream sports. What the Peare family is trying to achieve will provide a much-needed facility to those members of our community who enjoy skateboarding. The facility itself would be modeled after a park in Spain and a picture of it can be found on their website at I encourage anyone in opposition to the park to go to the website, read the family’s story, and see an image of what they are trying to create. Currently, our skateboarders are forced to skate in the streets of Conway. This park would provide a communal safe haven for the skaters of our valley, and in the age of technology and social media that we live in we should all support initiatives that seek to get us outside and face-to-face. Harrison Kanzler

I have been resident of the valley for 37 years and counting and support the skate park wholeheartedly for a myriad of reasons from honoring the memory of one of the nicest people I have met, supporting our youth with healthy outdoor activity, and creating an additional draw for visitors of all ages. The last few words in the recent letter objecting to the skate park broke my heart and even brought tears to my eyes. How could someone want to crush the dreams of an entire town and community? But then I remembered, we are Mt. Washington Valley strong and the Kevin Peare Memorial Skatepark will be built and enjoyed in this generation and many more to come! Thank you, J. Pietrangelo, II. You’ve just brought more attention and support to the cause. Carrie Jones, Tamworth

We have raised three children here in Conway, and all my children had their interests. But when my youngest, Kevin, showed an interest in skateboarding, I remember wondering, why didn’t Conway build a skate park, but, never having thought in my head that I would be able to get a skate park built. Life happened, and I was working full-time and raising my family. He got by, skating the streets of Conway and North Conway. He was respectful. He and his peers were “straight edge.” They always asked to use parking lots after hours. After his death, we were devastated. If you have never lost a child, then you have no idea the depth of sadness and depression that happens. This project has helped us through our heartbreak. It has made our family feel as though we could help keep his memory alive by giving the valley what Kevin had always dreamed of. I hope and pray that any negative comments will not stop the work we have done for the last 2½ years. #igrewuphere Anna Peare

Noise, injuries, and law suits. It’s a terrible idea. North Conway

I’m in favor 100 percent. Bring it on! Patty Allen

I would love to see a local skate park for kids. Everywhere you go, skaters are banned. There is nothing for kids to do in the valley. Get the kids off the couch and out of the house, give them some responsibility and ownership in caring for the park. Absolutely, to a skate park in the valley. Cathie Gregg

To the Peare family, supporters and volunteers helping them: The skate park will be a wonderful addition once it’s here. You have all worked so unbelievably hard for it and continue to work for it. I cannot imagine losing one of my kids and how I would even find the strength to move forward but you have. This is a very tight-knit community, we all know each other and love each other. We are always willing to come together and help one another. Let’s get it done. Ashley Nicole Nash

We used to live in North Conway. My son always wanted a skate park. We moved to Exeter, and they have a beautiful skate park. It will get the kids out of the house and off the computer. Open your eyes, people. Michael Barbour

We lived in a small town in the mountains of Colorado. When we first got there, there was a skate park with dilapidated ramps and rails. My boys were in elementary school at the time, and they always wanted to go ride their scooters and bikes there. We’d always leave by 4:30 when the teens showed up to hang out and smoke. Second year, the town built a beautiful concrete, in-ground skate park with benches and bleachers around it. My boys were stoked! All went well until it became “the place” for teens and a little older to hang out. We stopped going when broken beer and liquor bottles, cigarettes and graffiti started showing up regularly. It is a great way for kids to get exercise. It’s a huge liability in that people often get hurt. There will be disputes between the skateboarders, the BMX bikers and the parents of little kids that like to ride their scooters, complaining about getting in each other’s way! Just trying to contribute thoughts from experience. Like anything else, you’re not going to make all of the people happy! Laura Deschambeault

I support the skate park, not just because I grew up with the family. This park is a way for all to enjoy what Kevin loved and to remember him by. Love to the Anna Peare family. Keep fighting and don’t ever give in to newbies in town. We lifers got ur back. Hugs and #kevinstrong. Terrie Moore

Absolutely yes for the park. It’s about time we got something in this area for them! Technology has taken over and I think this would be a great way for them to get out and unplug! It’s time for a change around here, and the park is an amazing change to happen! Shannon M. Brown

We completely support the Peare family and their efforts to get this skate park built in honor of their loved one. We have attended car shows, etc., and will continue to help contribute financially to getting this accomplished. Our family is 100 percent in favor of the skate park being built and very much look forward to visiting it and checking out people’s skills. Nicole Renee Lydia

Yes, I support building a skate park for kids and teens. Just like another commenter stated, anything has the potential for some negativity but with some supervision and community engagement this has the potential to be a huge asset to area youth. Shannon Davenport

Yes, a place for people to skate should be allowed. Who says that it has to be just for kids? Now that the new recreational path is going to be built, why not include skate spots along the way instead of just at one location? How about a bowl here, a rail there, ramps a quarter-mile down,something like that, to spread it out. That would provide an awesome place to skate. Not just for boarders, but roller skates, 

and inline skates, too. Hopefully, all rollers will be allowed to use the new rec path. Brian Hebert

Yes, we support the skate park 100 percent and echo the comments of all the wonderful supporters! Victoria Laracy

The park is planned for an unused section of land near Walmart and the high traffic roads of 302 and the North-South road. It’s not going to a) disturb residential areas, as there are none near by or b) create destructive noise pollution; the cars already have done that. Our community sees the need for it and is financially supporting it. It aims to keep kids occupied which is a great goal. The physical exercise the kids will get is great also and the location makes it easy for many kids to get to. Dawn James

Chris McCarthy The fact there are actually people out there that are actually against this infuriates me and I’m sure the rest of the area as well. There’s not enough for the younger crowd to do, hence why they end up in trouble or worse, taking the wrong path in life! #buildthatskatepark! Chris McCarthy

Yes. Give the children in this valley something to do. Whatever “bad” thing you’re thinking they might do at a park, they are already doing. Let them have fun and network. Can’t wait to see all the GoPro vids. Joe Martin #youwereakidonce #igrewuphere

Yessss for the skate park! Give the people and future boarders a place! #BuildTheSkatePark Cody Gaudette

As a weekender soon to move up in retirement, I totally support the skate park. Paul Jacobsen

We need all the options we can provide to our youth! The variables of issues far outweigh the solutions! How is this an actual debate? Build the skate park and be someone that the youth can look up to! Or cry and complain and see how much respect and understanding you will receive from the already discouraged youth. Not all kids fit the mold. Vincent Carbone

Yes, please! The kids need something outdoors to do. It will help them develop coordination and gave them a safe option to hang out. As a parent, my vote is a resounding yes! Jodi Klug Witt

We’ve needed something positive for our children to do in this valley for ages! Bring on the skate park! Shannon Boudreau Welch

Is there a place for the kids to go up here in the MWV? There is no Boy’s or Girls Club up here, no kids’ rec room, a gym or pool for a place for kids. Kids who are bored get into trouble. Would be nice to see something for them up here. A place where kids can go to and the parents not worry about them. Skate park sounds great, but let’s go one step further where they can go year-round. Bill Belida 

Yes. Any opportunity to provide a safe physical activity for the youth of our valley is a good idea. Jonathan Hebert

I support the addition of a skate park in the area. Crystal DeMello

I feel like I’m having déjà vu... Jet skis on Silver Lake? Anybody? If you don’t let kids/teens some freedoms (that don’t cost their parents half their weekly income) then you’re really going to know what “noise” is. Sirens, shootings, gangs, crime ... extreme scenario for that area, yes. It’s far from inevitable, though, and by taking this away you’re only speeding up the process and giving kids in the valley more opportunity to resort to other ways to enjoy their free time. Kelsey Ripa

I think it’s a great idea. We need positive places for our kids to hang out. Ellie Jodoin

Absolutely build the skatepark. Virginia Lee Kanzler

I was born at Memorial 65 years ago. Every change was greeted by outsiders with a gasp. ... “It’ll ruin everything if you do that!” Guess what? Hasn’t happened yet. This won’t either. Racine Savary

The youth of this area have nothing like this. I think it’s a great idea. Michelle Luongo

Against! They will make our paradise an industrial, ugly area, and others will follow. It won’t end! They will cut down trees, they will destroy the wonderful nature we have here. I am totally against it.

Skate park, yes! Jen Bella 

When we start by assuming that activities for teens will go badly, we send a pretty strong message to them that we don’t believe in them or trust them. Yes, anything like this has the potential for negative side effects but so does not providing teens constructive things to do. Community involvement and support can make something like this successful. Skate parks are successful in many communities. I applaud the Peare family and their supporters for giving this a go. Paul Kirsch

A few facts about the Kevin Peare Memorial Skate Park: Started in 2017, we are a non- profit, under the Mount Washington Valley Preservation Association. Kevin is my younger brother, he died in July 2017. The land the town has proposed is not near any homes. Actually, the most recent piece of land is on a dead-end road behind Walmart. It would be at the end of the rec path being built. Pretty much all that is around is woods and Walmart. This is a dream of Kevin’s since he was in grade school, to have a safe place to skateboard. Everything we do has our community in mind. If you want to volunteer, contact us at for all the details! A huge thank you to all who have supported us in the last three years! Caren Peare

This community has been in need of a skate park for decades. This is long overdue skateboarding is not a crime that keeps kids out of trouble. Most of them, it’s just their passion and it’s a great hobby. 

Absolutely, Conway needs a skate park. This is such a good idea for this community and I cannot believe that anybody would question it. It’s a great idea.

Yes, I do support a skate park in Conway. I think it’d be an awesome idea. In the meantime if you want to practice, you can go to Wildcat mountain this week. I mean nice hard and firm and fast. Good skating up there. The Powder Slasher.

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