To the editor:

Trumpsters: Defend this. While over 80,000 US citizens have died because of the COVID-19 virus Donald Trump spent Sunday morning tweeting over 100 times. Were these tweets about his concern for the dead? Were they about a course of action that has been delayed, lacking or ignored? Were they a Mother’s Day greeting to his wife? No.

“So great to see our Country starting to open up again!”

How about him self-promoting the reopening of his golf course in Los Angeles. Not only is this crass, but it is illegal for a president to promote his own businesses (which he was supposed to divest himself from), a clear Emolument Clause violation.

Again, defend this along with the other idiotic things he has done (have us inject bleach?).

Walter Davis

North Conway

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Donald Trump has stated numerous times that "he loves the uneducated."

Why is that?

Drew Young

As usual for Trump supporters, neither of you addressed the issues brought up in this letter. All you did was attack the letter writer. Same tactic Trump uses.

Ignore, deflect or attack. That’s because it’s pretty hard to defend what he actually says or does.


"Critical feedback is the breakfast of champions. Defensiveness is the dinner of losers"

Dare this Davis


Your commentary is not helpful. Just more hateful talk as usual. When you become president you can put it your way.

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