To the editor:

Reading the letters about possibly offensive flags brings to mind a tale about my grandmother. Towards the end of World War II my uncle, who was serving in the Army in one of the cleanup troops, ridding the land of mines and left-behind snipers, sent home a huge box full of German and Italian flags, all of which had swastikas.

My grandmother lives in small town South Hiram, Maine. When she received this box of flags she thought they smelled a bit musty and hung them outside on the clothes line to air out. This was around 1944 or 1945. Word spread fast about this new display in town and the local selectmen hastily met and went to my grandmother’s house to politely tell her that she may not want to have these flags wafting in the breeze.

My grandmother was not stupid or ignorant, just uninformed or just too busy in small town Maine to understand the implications of her display.

Perhaps the people flying the Confederate flag are also uninformed.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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Is that uninformed or uniformed?

Gregory Wallace

Nice story Walt, or is it just a "Tale" ? There is no comparison between the Nazi flag and the Stars and bars "Confederate" and no I do not fly either. I fly the American flag. I find no offense to anyone who fly's the Stars and bars. No comparison to Nazi at all.. I have noticed in my town a hippie dude that hung up a BLM flag some time ago with seemingly great pride of himself. It's in Effingham by the Veterans bridge. Months later, now it is in tatters and all faded and NO ONE has touched it. Apparently Mr hippies act of contrition no longer means anything to him. People and things change as time passes. Have you seen the flag of Japan lately, are they the same people you think?

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