To the editor:

Donald Trump and his Republican Party are moving forward with their law and order campaign to keep the White House. This surely is one of the most hypocritical ploys foisted on the American public since the founding of the Republic.

Trump has a cabal of hired gun attorneys who have twisted the constitution to essentially allow a president to rule unchecked. Even the Attorney General’s office has been turned into a subservient tool of the executive department, rather than a defender of the constitution.

If lying to the American public were clearly a crime, Trump would be eligible for a long stay in one of the federal prisons.

Appealing to foreign leaders to help him stay in office is beyond the pale and verges on treason because it would leave the presidency hostage to foreign extortion. So much for law and order when it applies to the Trump administration.

Saying that former vice-president Joe Biden’s election would result in misrule and chaos is the real hoax that Trump wants to perpetrate on the American public.

Trump takes no responsibility for the abysmal job he has done in protecting the country from the COVID-19, and the chaos we are witnessing now is occurring on his watch, not Biden’s.

Every day, more books and stories from insiders in the Trump White House and organization point out the incompetence and chaos which has characterized Trump’s presidency.

It’s not Biden and the Democrats we have to worry about, it’s another four years of Donald Trump.

We know that Joe Biden is a civilized, caring and decent man. We have his 40 years in public service to see that. He is not perfect, but he is honest and has the experience to bind our wounds.

The choice in November is between Biden and an outright charlatan who continues to plant misinformation and mistruths every day he is in office.

Tino Fernandes


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You do realize that as bad as Trump is, Biden has 47 years of Washington gaffs? He was best friends with Robert KKK Byrd, a senator from W. V. who was in the KKK WHILE serving in the senate. Does the media talk about that? And there is video of Biden talking about the Indian accent on 7-11 owners, how Obama was the first clean, articulate black man he met, etc. Biden is surrounded by Bernie and other socialists/marxists. That is more important than decency right now. Look to Trumps actions, not his juvenile words.


Biden is also running his campaign on bashing Trump and playing Monday morning quarterback about the rona. If he was actually a "good man" or if he had any substance, he'd be running on his 48 year record in government and talking about all his accomplishments. That fool hasn't spoken about anything he's done through his career because he's done nothing that would win an election, so instead of telling the country why he's a good candidate, he spends it telling the country that Trump isn't one.

Democrats.... 🙄

Trump 2020🇺🇲

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