To the editor:

There is a difference between stupid and aggresively stupid. In one case you are fogged bound in, the other you are trying to fog bound others (i.e. hydroxychloroquine).

Besides our own data on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, there is a lot of information and specific data, especially on countries with not enough vaccines, who mandate mask wearing and contract tracing. They achieve much lower rates of infection (i.e. Korea, Japan and, especially Taiwan.) There is also our experience with some of the southern states with low vaccination rates and little mask usage.

In the latest Economist magazine there is an interesting article on a related issue: anthropogenic climate change. "Most Republicans don't believe it, especially conservative evangelicals, who are especially anti-science and ready to rationalize the negative fallout of their views as God's will for a fallen world." Some of these people, mostly Republicans, prefer to take a veterinary medicine hyped on the internet.

Lately, here in the Conway area, some women are trying to demand that schools should open without a mask mandate. Masks don't prevent COVID contagion but it somewhat stunts the vector for spread. Their demonstration of high CO2 within masks after breathing is still under the OSHA standard for an 8 hour workplace and is highest just after breathing out before the next breath.

If we don't believe in verifiable facts we cannot hope to find a solution. And we have to broaden our information sources beyond FOX News and the internet.

Susan Rheault

North Conway

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"If we don't believe in verifiable facts we cannot hope to find a solution. And we have to broaden our information sources beyond FOX News and the internet."

So true. And you need to do the same but except for FOX you need to stop listening to MSNBC, CNN, or the plethora of Left-leaning Media outlets.

You do know that the Ivermectin story was proven to be a complete and total hoax, don't you? And that it is a very real and safe pharmaceutical when used as prescribed? In fact, it won a Noble Prize for its effectiveness in saving lives in 3rd world countries.

Lastly, the quote in the Economist is one man's opinion, not fact.

The fact is most of those who aren't getting the vaccine are minorities due to their suspicion of Big Gov't and statements made by Democrats prior to the election, calling it the "Trump Vaccine".

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