To the editor:

When I was a little girl in Canada, I would sometimes do something wrong and my mother, would strongly disapprove of my actions. I usually sought relief in the time-honored “but the other kids did it, too.” My mother, like all mothers since time began, would say “If they all jumped off a cliff would you follow?” This was usually followed by a slap.

Apparently Donald President Trump, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and our own beloved Tom McLaughlin didn’t have a functioning mother to kick them in their derriere, because this technique is used by them to unfocus on a Trump misstep by saying “but Obama (or Hillary) did something similar ...”

Between this technique and the refusal to counter Trump’s incessant lies, there is no worthwhile political news on Fox.

I, obviously, find our president lacking in any understanding of the complicated effects of the coronavirus, but what really concerns me is the lack of understanding by some of the voters of the common rhetorical techniques utilized by Trump and Fox.

There should be an app I could download, to engage a hand extending from the left side of the TV to dope-slap the talking head when they start to say, “but Obama did it too ...” then I could watch Trump or Fox more often, to check their makeup or fashion. Just sayin’ ...

Susan Rheault

North Conway

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Drew Young

Watching Trump give a press conference is like watching the kid who didn’t read the book give his book report.

Sally Wally

Susan, we watch fox every morning and then CBS news. They are both biased for/against Trump. That is why the media has lost the trust of America. One has to read a half dozen different papers each day to get the real news. Trump exists because Hillary was 'deplorable' to too many of us. Remember that. Biden is a candidate? At least Trump, caustic as he is, supports religious freedom, gun rights, and a strong economy. We know our lives improved the last four years.


?? Who doesn't support religious freedom? What candidate has ever said you can't have religious freedom? Remember, religious freedom also includes freedom FROM religion. I bet you support prayer in schools but if it included "Praise Allah" you'd be all up in arms. Our lives improved? Tell that to the almost 100k dead in the past three month as well as the dead economy. I hope you like shopping at walmart and amazon because that's all that will be left.

Crusty Mariner

You appear to be ok with the criminal activity the previous administration was part of on the way out the door in 2016/17. The evidence does not lie. Guess you were not around when Dick Nixon was ousted for far less and the country in flames.

Only person needing a dope slapping is you. But as a never trumper you'll get a pass.


I cannot agree with you more! Very well stated.

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