To the editor:

I don’t agree with President Donald Trump’s politics. That aside, as a former medical professional and longtime primary dementia and elder caregiver, I am extremely concerned about his neurological condition.

Doctors do not give mini-mental state exams, otherwise known as a dementia screening, unless there is a solid reason. Having been witness to many, many of these exams, I know firsthand how they work.

He brags about remembering the five words. There are only three words to remember, and there is no way five related words would be used. And he said the last five questions were too hard for anyone to answer. They are not too difficult unless you have a neurological disease.

His speech, his inability to pronounce common words, and his physical movements such as lifting a glass or stumbling and slumping forward when he walks are all symptoms of neurological conditions including various types of dementia. He needs medical help and treatment. He is no more medically qualified to run this country than my late husband was.

The truth needs to be told. God forbid if he is re-elected. I don’t think he would be capable of performing his presidential duties. I tend to watch the news about Trump from a medical perspective. It horrifies me when he cannot explain his charts, pronounce the words from a provided script, or bring his water bottle or glass to his lips. He has mispronounced his own wife’s name and confused his relationship with his youngest child. In my humble opinion, this is an unstable person who has the power to push the red button.

Susan Carr


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Susan Carr, unbelievable! You refer to yourself as a medical professional, this cannot be true. A professional would not allow their personal opinions to influence their professional assessment. Shame on you.

dick the pilot

I think that Susan Carr needs help. She gave a perfect description of Joe Biden, not President Trump! I guess that she does not watch many of the news channels, like Fox news and News Max, that show clearly that Joe Biden is mentally ill. His verbal "Gaffs" seem to be a sign of possible dementia. Do we really want this man to be President of the United States? Can you imagine him talking to foreign leaders of the world ?

Many speak English and would need an interpreter to decipher his so called "Gaffs" ! Joe Biden has trouble reading a teleprompter !

Dick Vitale


Gaffes? Really? Recently Trump pronounced "Thailand" - "Thighland."

He must of had Stormy Daniels on his mind. What,a,dolt!


Yesterday Trump stated that the "1917" flu pandemic probably ended World War II in 1945. He's not right in the head.



Talk about projection.

If you're a caregiver, I hop I never need you.

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