To the editor:

Joseph Dorsett’s Oct. 4 letter struck a nerve with me. 

First off, he is an idiot for one. He stated that the whistleblower report was made to disrupt the 2020 election. He is so wrong. Whoever this person is who reported this is a hero. He or she did what was right. This report has been released to the public and you can read it. It is in all black and white. I have read it, and it clearly states that Donald Trump is doing what he did in 2016. 

On Oct. 3, he said on TV that he asked for China to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Trump is breaking the law over and over and over each day. Trump did NOT serve in the military because of bone spurs, supposedly. Well, that isn’t true; his daddy got him out of it. 

He is causing chaos in this country. He is the worst president ever in our history. One more thing, why didn’t Dorsett read the report and the phone call report that he had with the Ukrainian president?

Trump needs to be impeached and thrown into jail along with his dumb attorney Rudy Giuliani. I take it he watches way too much Fox News.

Steve Webster


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