To the editor:

All these people who are upset that the people of Conway voted to ban short-term rentals need to just suck it up. We have spoken and the people who are upset about the outcome of this decision need to respect that decision — period.

I’m tired of seeing letter after letter in the Sun about how they won’t be coming here because of the ban. Well, here is a suggestion. With all the damn hotels in this area, book a reservation at one.

We have spoken. We are tired of the rudeness from the people who come here to visit. I'm not saying that everyone is rude but there have been plenty of them that come here and are rude and disrespectful.

That is why we have voted to ban STRs. So quit your boohooing about the ban and respect the fact that the voters of Conway have spoken. We will not change our minds.

Steve Webster


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(2) comments


Your letter Webster is about as rude and disrespectful as it gets.

Gregory Wallace

Steve, agreed. While I do not live in Conway area I cannot bring myself to go there for some time now. Commercialism has destroyed what was once pristine. Anything for a buck from the shopping malls to the condos on every hill side. Conway looks like Route 1 in Saugus now. I hate "Developers." they destroy far more than they build.

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