To the editor:

I would like to recommend Warren Richardson to the Maine House of Representatives in District 70, representing Fryeburg, Brownfield, most of Lovell, Porter and Hiram, Maine.

Warren realizes that many of the problems that face the Eastern Slope Airport Authority are due to the lack of transparency that surrounded Nestle’s recent efforts to acquire land for its desired bottling plant in Fryeburg. He took a leading public role in persuading Fryeburg’s citizens to reject the TIFF tax break, that Nestle wanted to sweeten the deal at the expense of MSAD 72’s schoolchildren. He will not tolerate secret deals between Nestle (or any other corporation) and any state or municipal authority whose job is to serve the public, and that he will insist that the people be consulted in all matters that concern their vital interests. Water rights being near the forefront of our interests.

Warren supports economic development, but not the kind that will result in the divisions and secrecy that have characterized Nestle’s activities in Fryeburg. He knows that Medicaid expansion is essential to ensuring the health of many of Maine’s citizens and the financial stability of our rural hospitals, stressed from treating patients who can’t afford health insurance. He also wants to make sure that education is fully funded to the 55 percent level as required by statute, but which Maine’s legislature somehow fails to enact year after year. Incidentally, reaching this 55 percent milestone would help to relieve the upward pressure on local property taxes.

Warren Richardson will work hard to promote openness in government and to protect the public’s interests when it comes to issues such as water rights and health care reform. He has my support, and I hope that he will have your vote on Nov. 6.

Steve Bender

Lovell, Maine

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