To the editor:

Last Friday, July 30, the Sun published a short letter titled, “What about COVID-infected illegal immigrants?” The writer stated, “I’ve been vaccinated. If someone chooses not to, that doesn’t hurt me,” and, “If you’re vaccinated, why should you care if someone is not?”

Today, on one of the Sunday news shows, Dr. Anthony Fauci attempted to answer the above questions; but possibly out of sheer exhaustion from TV and other appearances, did not do so fully. He did point to a mutation of the virus, COVID Delta, a vastly more lethal and infectious variation that spreads like wildfire and has surpassed the other variations in frequency. He also explained that the variations are created in the bodies of COVID victims when they are still out and about and able to infect others, even though they often may not be aware of this.

Over 97 percent of those currently hospitalized in the U.S. by COVID have not been vaccinated. This is undisputed on all of the PBS news shows, and strongly suggests that the virus is being spread primarily by the unvaccinated.

Indeed, in regions of the U.S. where well below half the population have been vaccinated, the rates of infection are much higher and once again threaten to overwhelm emergency care. And it is primarily in the bodies of the unvaccinated where the breeding grounds for new mutations are occurring.

At some point, probably soon, a mutation will come about that will overwhelm the current COVID vaccines, and we will all be threatened like never before.

So all of us should care if we are not vaccinated wherever possible, and if we don’t care, all of us could become extinct. It would happen gradually, and with great suffering. Please get vaccinated if you can, and do your part to get us beyond this harbinger of doomsday. Thank you.

Sam Farrington


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While I chose to get vaccinated, I bristle at those of you who insist others do something to protect your little self. We all have rights. There are even folks saying damn those who want religious exemptions. This country was founded on freedom of religion.

Donna D.

Perhaps you're not aware of the the study just out this week in Scientific Reports that concluded, "... the vaccine-resistant strain spreads through a population faster at a time when most people are vaccinated," per lead researcher Simon Rella. The CDC also released a study last week showing vaccinated people may transmit the Delta variant just as easily as the unvaccinated. And it's evident that you also didn't see the Cape Cod incident last week of 74% of those infected with covid were fully vaccinated. I hope as more of this information comes out we become more tolerant of one another regardless of our decision to take an experimental injection or not. I personally do not wish to be in a vaccine trial which doesn't end until January 2023. I'll wait, thank you. Some of us wish not to take that risk and it's turning out that we are the wise ones as there doesn't seem to be much if any benefit.

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