To the editor:

For reasons that are difficult for anyone to understand, some of my neighbors in Eaton insist on displaying Trump 2020 yard signs. The message: We endorse President Donald Trump. But they also say that we endorse Trump’s lies. And that, I understand, that I am complicit in a world of deceit, but I am willing to lie and be lied to.

Nay, truth is a value that must yield to pride and partisanship. And upon reflection, I do see that there is little that is traditionally conservative about Trump, and very little that he has actually delivered apart from a massive tax cut for the filthy rich. And also consider, the stupid Wall wasn’t even built, not by Mexico, not by the United States, and not even by Steven Bannon’s private fundraising drive, because he decided to grow his hair, take up drinking again, and piss those perverse charitable contributions away on a yacht furnished by a Chinese dissident.

Now I humbly submit: it is understood that swallowing one’s pride and admitting fault is at times very difficult. But in this case, there is simply no way to bulls--- your way out of the straightjacket. If you stand on the roof of a barn and drop an anvil from the peak, and supposing someone is foolish enough to stand below, calamity happens.

Is it radical to point out the obvious fact that the Trump personality cult is totally out of line and that advising people to ingest bleach is bad? A Trump sign is a badge of shame. It shall be a badge of shame until someone can persuade me in terms more convincing than Kellyanne Conway, whose teenage daughter recently resolved to emancipate and legally divorce herself from her mother for lying and being a scoundrel.

Quddus Z. Snyder


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Quddus, who are the 'filthy rich'? You are obviously jealous of successful people to call them filthy.



You are clearly living in an alternate reality. How can you denounce Trump for lying and not acknowledge the whopping lies from Biden, Nancy, Schifty Schiff, and Chucky. FYI there are close to 200 miles of new wall and the number of illegals pouring into our country is greatly diminished. If you actually work for a living you also received a tax decrease. As far as accomplishments, this president has more than probably any president in US history. Just to name a few: USMCA, lowered taxes and regulations resulting in best economy ever, justice reform, facilitating peace agreement between Israel and UAE (huge!), quickly responded to NYC's covid needs, marshaled public/private collaboration for all steps of covid response including vaccine development. If you are going to write letters, try using actual facts rather than msdnc and cndnc propaganda. You have a severe case of TDS. Seek help.

Sharon N

What's next Quddus? Inciting violence against Trump supporters?

Gregory Wallace

Quddus the professional pontificater bloviate maximus supreme. Let me help you with the definition of the word "Lie" It's when you say something is true and you know it is not yet you site numerous other lies, false hoods and partial truths to back up the original.... Lie. Of which there are many about Pres Trump not unlike the Russian lies that never occurred. I know people who work on the border and the wall is being built and the Illegal crossings are way down.That's good because the cost is huge both in dollars and in lives when it comes to illegals entering the USA. That is just one subject. Biden will lose the election by crushing land slide and you will take your philosophy books sit in a corner and cry in your milk.


Very well said Quddus. These Trump supporters also subscribe to this President’s corruption, sleazy lack of empathy to fallen and maimed soldiers who bravely served in the military, blatant racism, gross incompetence in his response to a deadly global pandemic, complete mishandling of our economic crisis with a deficit that set historical records, made up stories about injecting disinfectant to kill the coronavirus, cheating on his pregnant wife, meeting with Putin in private and without notes taken, rigging the election in 2016 with help from Russia, spreading falsehoods about mail in ballots and everything else to benefit no one else but himself, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! I cannot understand why anyone would support such a creepy, slimy, traitor.


So you're also saying anyone who displays a BLM sign or flag endorses violence, riots, and arson?

I don't believe that for a second, but by your logic, you must.


Trump is a mirror. Sometimes it’s really hard to look in a mirror and see how awful we actually look, rather than how we think we look. It is not written anywhere that the American experiment is destined to succeed. I hope enough moderate, independent voters like me can see through the crass Trumpian deceits and find a way to elect people who, at least are a little bit, capable of putting aside their personal greed and power lust in favor of service to our country.

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