To the editor:

To my Trump supporting neighbors: Please do not cry. I can no longer bear the sight, for crying after all is for girls, gays and coastal elites. I do recognize the weight you carry is crushing, for how is it possible that the greatest leader in recorded history might lose to a chump named Sleepy Joe?

It’s like losing a 100-meter dash to a guy in a wheelchair, or a spelling bee contest to a retard when you happen to be a “stable genius.” Oh, the humanity! After so much winning and greatness, including massive deficits, increases in illegal immigration and several hundred thousand Americans dead, this: How did our Chosen One join the pathetic club of one-term losers like Jimmy Carter?

The election must have been rigged, except that Trump’s lead counsel, the red-nosed alcoholic Rudy, could not deliver a single serious argument in a court of law, or a single verified case of voter fraud. How befitting that the closing arguments were made in front of a trashy Philly strip mall next to a crematorium and a porn shop, ironically capturing the very essence of this disgraced presidency: death and lust.

This concludes one of the darkest episodes in American history, perhaps best remembered as the last gasp of Confederate white trash. Because your identity became tied to that of the Chosen One, you were willing to sacrifice principle and decency to protect yourself from truth. But this is America, and truth wins, and how sad the day when you finally realize you worshiped a golden calf instead of Christ the Lord. But it’s alright, we still love you and maybe you just need to wail, for as a former girlfriend once told me, “Just make yourself vulnerable for nothing relieves a troubled heart like a good cry.”

Quddus Synder


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Mad in Madison

Magnificent, a legend in his own mind, what a wordsmith, especially the reference to "Confederate white trash".

ps Hope the trust fund holds out.


At a time the CDS is new subscribers (paid), it continues to serve the Q regardless of his mental state and offensiveness.

Not going to spend any $ just to be confronted with that kook every day.

P.S. what makes him think he has any Trump friends?

Bill Scott

Knock on wood.

I'm glad Joe Biden is our President Elect, but please remember that we need everyone to go along with it. Elections are won with votes, but TRANSITIONS are won with popular support and consensus. We need everyone along for the ride, including Roy and the other Trump supporters.

Yes, knock on wood. Let's hope our Republican friends (and I mean to call them that) will wish their guy had won but see him out on January 20, giving thanks with the Democrats that we live in a country where that happens.

Bill Scott

In LA, but wishing it were 32 and freezing rain here today

Uber Fritz

Those are fair statements and despite my conservative approach, I agree completely. I just want to be certain that all elections are conducted fairly. There is no room for trickery from either side; this is the democratic process. And he mentioned tears? What about the slew of celebrities who "threatened" to leave for Canada? As we all know, NONE left!

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