To the editor:

I have never dealt with a company as difficult as Spectrum. They are THE cable TV and internet provider in this area. Generally, I have been satisfied over the years, except for the cost. Finally, after searching YouTube, Sling, Hulu and other options, I decided to see what deal Spectrum could offer me. You can add anything you want with a click of the button online, but you cannot see options for reducing service.

So, I went to the local Spectrum office in Redstone. There was one clerk on duty. I was the fifth person in line. I waited 15 minutes while that one person was dealt with before the clerk said “If anyone wants to come back at 9:30, another clerk with arrive then.” 

I left.

I then called Spectrum. I tried to get through their labyrinth to reduce service or explore other options. It is not one of the choices. Cutting your service entirely is.

I was then told that I could wait on the phone or they could call me back in 15 minutes. I waited for the call back, and minutes later was told that by the representative that she could not talk to me because I was not the “account holder.” This is a residential account, opened for our house 20 years ago with Spectrum’s predecessor. The woman on the phone would not even discuss with me options for reducing service.

I finally had enough. Cable was gone by the end of the day. 

Later, I wondered, does my business take our best and longest-term customers totally for granted and treat them the worst? I really hope not. This appears to be the Spectrum model. Spectrum, as I understand it, is owned by Charter Communications. Charter’s stock was at $148.12 five years ago on Oct. 10, 2014. It traded at $430.04 on Oct. 7, 2019. Their value has gone up almost three times in five years while they take advantage of their best, long-term customers. Enough.

Let’s not make the Spectrum model the Mount Washington Valley model.

Paul W. Chant


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it's a shame but cable companies have been this way for a while. Only way to reduce cost is to cancel completely then sign back on as a "new" customer. Without viable competition in the area we won't see any discounts. However, even with competiton you'll find yourself signing up for Spectrum for the discount, then moving to cable company B for the year or so for their new customer discount. Then those prices go up and you go back to spectrum for their "returning customer discount". So long as you don't mind relearning channel numbers and how to use different remotes it's worth it.

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