To the editor:

Seems that Threeboot Jonna Carter does not qualify for being a biggest loser. We watched people in the famous TV series lose many pounds of fat. I do not believe Jonna’s metaphor of Donald Trump being the biggest loser of all fits.

First, the people on the TV show, “The Biggest Loser,” were actually winners. They were successful at losing much weight toward their goals. I don’t think Trump lost any weight; therefore he would not have been a successful “biggest loser.” Quite the opposite, Trump is a winner ... again. Besides his incredible list of successful accomplishments during his presidency matching what he promised during his 2016 campaign bucking all doubters, he is now the only president to take on and show us the flaws in the electoral/absentee/dead people voting process. Yes, people, it’s real and just maybe it may get fixed for the next guy. Joe Biden’s election is a flawed win. Do you feel good about that? Probably do. I mean 84 million of you, right? 12 million more than Obama ... yeah, sure, you voted for him, but only 6 percent in the most admired man Gallop pole for 2020 liked Biden. Hmmm.

Anyway, back to Jonna’s assessment of her choice for the biggest loser and his band of “White House rats, aliens, evangelical Stepford wives and three stooges. Well, Jonna, despite adversity and war with the not-going-to-do-anything Pelosi Congress, the fraudulent fake impeachment attempt, the “I hate you like a red sore pimple” media, Donald Trump is the winner for the get ‘er done crowd -- the 74-plus million of us who wants him to do it again.

And thanks for not mentioning Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, which we’ll never know how many millions of lives it will have saved. If 2021 is successful in eradicating the COVID-19, the biggest winner says you’re welcome.

Paul Schuepp


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You said it, Paul!! I'm in total agreement.


So many STUPID Fox News brainwashed truth deniers. Stay in your F ing caves


Why don’t you listen to Fox News? Does not play what you want to hear? Funny gesture from dem/Biden cave dweller. Are you related to Daniel’s?

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