To the editor:

The Aug. 13 article in the Sun brought to light that a local church needs restoration. I, like many other valley folks, are saddened to see a steeple-less Little White Church in Eaton. 

The LWC board members are working diligently toward raising funds to rebuild the steeple and other needed refurbishments, plus additional funds for other scheduled repairs and routine maintenance. Raising $175K will get the job done. OK, we are talking a chunk of change, right? It could be many people donating small amounts and or donations of large amounts. 

I am wondering what moves people to donate to a non-profit in need? 

If people reflect on the 140-year-old church, knowing the importance of preserving this history of spirit for future generations, would that be enough? What about Dana Cunningham’s remark in The Conway Daily Sun recently, “The steeple lifts one’s gaze and inspires gratitude”? Would the knowledge that the iconic view of this church, reflected in Crystal Lake and drawing travelers from all over the world to take photos of the refection of America’s spiritual roots do it? Maybe it will move people to know the LWC is here for everyone who needs to celebrate a life, marriage, baptism, plus concerts, fundraisers for other non-profits, non-denominational services and community gatherings.

Is it one thing, one thought, one connection or is it as simple as knowing the need for help exists and you want to help? I don’t know. I believe that there are folks who want to make a difference for something special that matters. The Little White Church matters. 

I am asking you, yes, a complete stranger, to do what you are able to do to assist in restoring this iconic symbol of spirit. Eaton’s Little White Church needs your help. 

Go to for more information.

Patricia McMurry


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