To the editor:

You are being used to increase profits. FOX news, the most visible source of anti-vaccine rhetoric, has admitted that stoking anti-vaccine sentiment is good for “ratings.”

However, they quietly admit such a policy is not good for running their business. FOX employees are under a much more stringent vaccine mandate than that being imposed by the administration. At FOX, if you refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19, you must submit to daily testing. FOX has an economic interest in maintaining the health of their employees, and the bottom line always prevails. The Republican National Committee also uses the emotionally charged issue successfully for fund raising, while they and their families are overwhelmingly fully vaccinated.

I urge you to stop supporting people who are willing to allow you to sicken or die as long as it boosts their profits.

Patricia Lovejoy


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How incredibly naive and irresponsible for you to write a letter regarding profits and vaccines, blame Fox and ignore the billions that Big Pharma is making on the vaccine. Not to mention, the money that our congressman and women are making off of the Pharma stocks. Cry me a river.

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