To the editor:

In response to Peter Hill’s Feb. 13 letter to the Sun that mentions me:

No, Peter, I am not a Democrat, much less a rabid one as you claim to think. If you’d read my letters in the past, you’d know that.

No, Peter, the most important memory of the impeachment was not the false and misleading claims made by the Republicans about whether the Democrats followed precedent.

Here is a link you can follow to see the facts, rather than the lies and misdirections promulgated by the Republicans:

The charge of obstruction of justice was completely unnecessary, and may be ruled outside the purview of the legislative branch by the kangaroo court Trump has now turned the Supreme Court into, with Mitch McConnell’s help.

Are we supposed to believe that while supporting Trump’s constant violations of the Constitution, his supporters now want to support it when it’s convenient?

Below is a link to just some of the violations that qualify as impeachable. It is an extensive list, and it only lists the ones the author feels rise to the level of impeachability. He quite fairly also describes other presidents who have committed a few of the same violations as some presidents from both parties have sought to extend the powers of the executive branch:

My favorite part of Peter’s letter, though, is the oft-repeated whining of the Republicans about how poor Donny has had to endure so many investigations. I suppose the fact that he brings them on himself with his actions doesn’t dawn on his supporters.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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