To the editor:

Seriously, Bill Moasca? I know the right-wingers have pushed the lie that dictators are somehow examples of left-wing rule, but how could anyone actually believe it? It simply defies rational thought, logic and facts. This is a lie the right has perpetrated on its unthinking, ignorant followers.

While some dictators have come to power via movements that actually were popular uprisings, like Stalin taking over the USSR after the Stalin-led Revolution, or Castro after taking over Cuba, they move to the furthest right version of government once they are in power, leaving any vestiges of their original movement being in the interests of the people behind.

Dictatorship, authoritarianism and totalitarianism are extreme right forms of government. Even a brief moment of thought should be enough to see through this lie, but some people don’t question anything they hear.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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Kerins, your ignorance of world history is surpassed only by your ignorance of US politics.


You took the words right out of my mouth.

Kerins pretzel logic defies reason or response.

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