To the editor:

Some facts. Black defendants get longer sentences than white defendants for the same crime. Families of color are more likely than their white counterparts to get evicted given similar financial circumstances. Numerous studies show that resumes with “Black names” (Germaine, Latitia) get offered fewer interviews than those with “white names” (Jack, Harold) even though the resumes are exactly the same for the same job opening. By percentages, fewer people of color get help from FEMA during emergencies than whites. Blacks were mainly excluded from the incredible benefits of the GI Bill after World War II.

The list goes on: predatory banking; housing discrimination; racial profiling; higher level of government surveillance and lower access to health care. Does knowing this through a college course or other credible sources make you a racist or anti-white? No!

Our society has racist structures that obstruct success and fair play for minorities: the playing field is not level.

This is not anti-American! It is dealing with the facts.

We need to tune out the incessant drumbeat of the right-wing media machine. sdaadFox News has been screaming non-stop for a month about the evils of CRT, something that hardly exists.

If racism exists, then students should be able to learn about it (at the appropriate time and grade level). This Communist-style censorship being espoused by Republican state legislatures and the right-wing media is un-American.

Michael Frandzel


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The problem is not in teaching the facts. The problem lies in taking the facts and making assumptions based off those facts, and then teaching those assumptions to students as if they are facts themselves. Therein lies the central problem of CRT and the claims of systemic racism: they assume causation between two things where only correlation is proven. And instead of allowing room for open debate on whether causation exists, people like you demand that everyone accept causation as a fact. Case in point: You say that minorities are more likely to be evicted than whites despite similar financial circumstances. That is correlation. Have you factually determined that race causes the eviction? Have you actually ruled out any other possibilities involving poor tenant habits, failure to follow the leasing contract, etc.? My guess is no. Do you see my point? Open debate on a controversial topic is one thing, and is all well and good. The refusal to allow debate and the demand that your theory be accepted as fact is quite another, and is far more "Communist" than you own up to.


Try as you might to turn the conversation around and make the CRT agenda and those that teach it the victim is a classic Alinsky tactic.

The fact is this:

CRT is being pushed down the throats of our most vulnerable American’s, our youth.

The latest crop of Education Majors has been unleashed upon us from the indoctrination centers that were once institutions of the free exchange of thought and ideas.

They are more concerned with “teaching” Social Justice than actual disciplines like Math, Science, History, and Civics/Government.

They have convinced themselves of the righteousness of their “Cause” based on years of Marxist propaganda, Anti-Capitalism, Intersectionality, and Victimhood mentality.

In their minds, everyone has an ax to grind, an enemy to blame, or an unjust system to fight against. The idea of personal responsibility is the antithesis of their cause unless that person is the target of their animosity.

Yes, CRT is real and it is happening. How do I know this? I just retired from my civilian job as a school administrator and it has been the topic of discussion and implementation since the George Floyd incident. The entire academic community has invested in this and they will not stop, only change tactics to make it more palatable to unsuspecting parents.

It is intellectually and historically dishonest, corrosive, and needs to be exposed and stopped.

This is not about censorship, it is about stopping a twisted, unproven theory/ideology from infecting our children and turning them against their parents and every good thing this Country stands for, and deny the progress that has been made.

Gregory Wallace

Retvet, thank you. Dead on. They also leave out and distort the many good things America has done at the expense of American lives. If we had lost WW2 we would not be able to have this conversation, would we? Then there is the medical advances and technologies we share freely with the world.

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