To the editor:

I am still respecting the people of the valley by not coming up. I am from Cape Cod and usually visit the valley two times a month. There are so many people from New Hampshire on Cape Cod this summer. I bet they don't come and isolate for two weeks.

I just want to say that Massachusetts COVID-19 rates have been under two per cent for over several weeks. We have only nine cases in two Cape hospitals with only three people in ICU.

After reading the letters in the Sun I am not sure I will feel safe coming back. I get e-mails from Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce saying come back we are open but I am not sure I would be welcome.

So sad to think that I will not see Mount Washington ever again. In letters to the editor no one ever mentions other states people wouldn't be welcomed from. 

Margaret Eldridge

North Chatham, Mass.

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I’m from Maine attended fryburg academy been around this area for quite a while as well as across as the border in Maine . Every single local I’ve gotten to know I’ve like quite a bit . Very good people here . But there a disturbing incident anat May be indicative of a larger problem .. I was walking on the covered bridge with my two girls ages 7&9 . A car slowed down with New Hampshire plates 4 men inside . The screamed obscenities at us . The one word o can repeat is Massachusetts. I don’t know what to think when two little girls are treated in this way . Happy to have the police or Conway sun interview my kids if I’m not believed . There were witnesses


From the looks of it this past weekend, you are the only person not traveling to the Mt. Wash Valley right now. Thank you.


Because people from Massachusetts are generally terrible when they come to visit here, regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not. See an earlier column from one of your fellowe about how he is a very important person because "his" tax dollars fund the town, and we lowly peasants should not "bite the hand that feeds." Frankly, I would be glad if I never saw another Massachusetts license plate again. Housing prices for the nicer residences that Bostonians love to snap up as second homes would fall dramatically and traffic would clean up immensely in one fell swoop.


COVID-19 will soon be raging on Cape Cod as that vacation destination is now flooded with tourists from other states - who apparently think that the pandemic is over.

Big mistake. Huge.

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