To the editor:

I am very concerned by the news swirling around, which seems to be heading in the direction of being prevented from bringing my family to the area for our annual, and much cherished, holiday in New Hampshire.

When we come to the area in the late summer each year, we, the kids (and our dogs) reconnect with friends and distant family. We love visiting to relax and enjoy both familiar and new things to do and see. The idea of doing this trip and staying in a hotel, instead of renting a temporary home, is not in any respect, attractive to us.

If it comes to pass that we will not be able to rent a home to stay in, then with a heavy heart, we will have no alternative, but to go elsewhere for our small vacation and miss out on all the friends and family that we so enjoy seeing. There are other places and we will vote with our feet.....reluctantly.

It is quite beyond us to understand why you are even considering preventing visitors from being able to vacation in the area. And, if we may say so, surely utterly devastating for your local economy and long-term outlook.

Lee Anderson

Rochester, N.Y.

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Gregory Wallace

Lee, you could go to the Adirondacks, Poconos, Berkshires, Cape cod, With your Doggies not far from Rochester N.Y. Ask yourself why your taxes are so high in N.Y. state. Why are our taxes going up? Tourism wise we are maxxed out. Our economy and our tax rate will actually fare better with less visitors and their doggies. Overcrowding leads to greater expenses not less. Any benefits from tourism evaporated long ago. Thank you developers!


Maybe it's time for the local residence to get more involved the Town politics and start asking some tough questions.

Is there a long term economic development plan or are we just building wherever there is an available lot/plot?

Is there consideration given to the supply of available skilled and unskilled labor?

What/where exactly is the point of diminishing returns from over development?

When does the environmental impact become unsustainable?

Is the Valley basically killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

Maybe it's time to stop being distracted by what's happening on the National Political scene and start concentrating on the more pertinent local issues.

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