To the editor:

I could possibly stomach Jonna Carter’s column if not for the stupid, uninformed biased digs at Tucker Carlson.

It’s bad enough that Mark Guerringue hires a white-privileged Trump-hating racist to write a column, but then lets the bigoted Carter inflame her Marxist-adoring base by spreading fake news.

Where’s the fact-checking, Mark? That’s right, only “certain” people get fact-checked. It’s beyond a stretch of context to come up with her ignorant statement, but then again she didn’t come up with it.

See, the fascist Carter didn’t watch his show, then immediately come up with her lie. No, she read or watched what others said about him and plagiarized their take on it. As long as it fits the narrative, it’s good enough for her — context and facts be damned.

I really didn’t want to read what a transplanted homophobe had to say about the replacing of our historical structures because that ship sailed about 45 years ago, never mind having it sandwiched by two clueless political smears that made her feel good about herself. But hey, at least I should be happy the xenophobic Carter didn’t mention Trump for once.

Larry Day


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