To the editor:

I just love Mark Guerringue’s entire one sentence reasoning for endorsing Biden. Calling Joe Biden sincere, moderate and honest is a flat out lie to all the readers.

I guess the paper still hasn’t hired a fact-checker yet. Besides being a bigoted racist, Biden has spewed so many documented tall tales of things he supposedly has done. He has also been a serial plagiarizer during his almost 50 years in the swamp.

Is Mark’s cranium so far up his backside that he couldn’t hear Joe say he attended Delaware St. Mark loses all credibility and does a disservice to himself with such a lazy, ignorant, pathetic case to vote for Biden. Oh, and when you sign Bernie’s manifesto and also sign onto much of the Green New Deal, you are no longer moderate. Mark should have stuck to the unoriginal only thing Biden has going for him, he’s not Trump.

Sadly, that’s sufficient enough for the uninformed Biden voters. People need to hear about Biden’s abysmal 47 year record, let’s stop defending Trump people and get out the true story of Biden before the election.

Larry Day


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That's not venom you're spitting out Larry. Ewwww.


You can now add the years of corruption [Ukraine and China] using his political influence to the list of issues/problems that are being completely overlooked...

Just how has 'Ole Joe become so rich and comfortable on a politicians' income?


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