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Rather than arguing a political point and using reason to persuade another to consider a new way of understanding, it is a norm among people on the right to label the one with whom they disagree as being a "socialist."

This labeling, the ones on the right hope, will serve as something of a dog whistle to their like-minded, old-school thinkers. It's a tired strategy and just like a website when one clicks on a broken link, it doesn't land anywhere.

Though many among the older ones in the MWV "get it" and see that there is value in using data to make long-term social improvements, it is still the case that some others are sort of stuck. Stuckness, often times, is tied to stubbornness and willful ignorance. The United States has had something of a "socialist" flavor for a long, long time.

Interestingly, some of the ones who scream about people like me being "socialists" are themselves the biggest beneficiaries of this country's "socialist" ways. Social Security — social program. Medicare — socialism. Disability — socialism. The Veterans Administration — social program.

In a recent letter that appeared in this paper, a gentleman letter-writer who disagrees with my politics pontificated about "socialist this" and "socialist that." There was no reasoning or cogent arguments to be found. I got thinking about that gentleman letter-writer: Were we all to have a look at his household's entire income stream — I suspect that we'd learn that he himself is among the beneficiaries of the "socialism" he decries.

I can't understand why the gentleman letter-writer has a hard time connecting the dots about the very benefits he receives. My gut tells me it has to do with the online or cable "news" he checks out. Dull "socialist" labels are as boring as ever.

Knute Ogren


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Knute, you label the VA as a socialist organization? Really? "To care for him who bore the batte..." You liberals are very good at changing the meaning of words. The democrat party is definitely moving toward socialism and that has many of us worried due to knowing the evils of socialism, the gateway drug to communism.

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