To the editor:

Mr. Conte, based on your letter dated June 30, 2021, apparently you do not have a basic knowledge of civics.

Our federal government collects taxes to finance various public services primarily by individual income taxes, payroll taxes and corporate taxes, etc.
How do you surmise how our government pays for national disasters — hurricanes, floods and wildfires?
Ideally, all government programs are funded by taxes.  However, during the previous administration, there were huge tax cuts which primarily benefited large corporations and the wealthy which were not paid for and have added to our national debt.
You need to become an informed citizen as that is a prerequisite in a functioning democracy.
Karen Porter

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Gregory Wallace

Karen, your wrong. I am self employed and work in the health care field. Until Trump was in office I was paying about 40% of my income out in income taxes. The Trump tax cut saved me , an individual about 20% in income taxes. This has never happened before. It also benefited my employees who as a result received more in their Pay check. I am not a rich corporation. I report ALL of my income. Trust me when I say I earn every penny the government takes away from me and gives to Illegal entry types and many other wasteful spending schemes. No one knows how to waste money better than our government. You Karen have no idea how the government works.

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