To the editor:

This is in regard to Rich Collins’ Oct. 8 MAGA hats and AK-47 flags at the fair letter.

I had a short conversation with Collins on Facebook, but he blocked me when I simply would not agree with his view on guns. 

Anyway, his letter to the Sun basically said: I don’t like that booth at the fair because it doesn’t agree with my political bias, the Trump 2020 flag upsets me, and I hate guns (toy AK-47s), so I am not going to the fair anymore. 

Well, to me that’s pathetic and he sounds like a child throwing a tantrum because he is not getting his way. Walk away from the booth if you do not like it or it offends you. 

I am sure many Republicans hated the Barack Obama flag being displayed and sold when he was running for president. That is the beauty of free speech and a free market in America. I am sure Fryeburg Fair officials will be not be losing sleep over Collins’ not going to the fair anymore.

John Norris


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