To the editor:

Despite the lack of weekly news indicating Maine's 4-year-old legal cannabis program is creating huge social, legal and personal problems, people like letter-writer Joseph Dorsett continue to perpetuate "reefer madness"-like reasoning and rhetoric while denying all therapeutic and clinical research to date.

At least he got one thing right, and that is: The state eagerly sells a near-biological equivalent to opiates in its alcohol sales.

Alcohol, like opiates, is quite addictive, depresses the central nervous system, significantly impacts emotional, behavioral and cognitive functioning, and in higher doses, in its purest forms, is quite deadly.

Nothing similar can be said about cannabis.

It is also fair to say alcohol is associated with all kinds of crimes of violence, primitive validation and neglect — none of which can be said about cannabis. I am so happy for the Maine folks I know who are benefiting greatly from their legal cannabis program. And by the way, Beth, there was quite potent cannabis back in the '80s. You just had avoid the stuff with toe nails, pesticides and eyelashes from Mexico.

Well-grown, tested, legal cannabis is such a better way for consumers to have confidence in cannabis products. Sugar and GMO foods, quite frankly, are more of a threat to this society's citizens and youth than cannabis!

After reading the recent research suggesting cannabis may deter beta amyloid protein aggregation in the human brains, I suspect we may need it to counter the Alzheimer's numbing effects of our sugary diets.

There's an old saying, Joseph — aaaah, I'll save that for another letter.

Jeff Robinson


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