To the editor:

Ironically, North Korea claims to be a democracy. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, elections, including for president, are held every four to five years there, with almost 100 percent voter turnout, compared to the U.S. average of only about 60 percent. Even more remarkably, the incumbent president, currently Kim Jong Un, always gets 100 percent of the vote.

Of course, Kim is still a dictator, and North Korea still a dictatorship. The reason for North Korea’s 100 percent voting percentages is simply that its elections are completely rigged, and anyone who doesn’t vote for the incumbent dictator is promptly killed.

The point is that simply calling itself a democracy does not make a country a democracy. A true democracy has demonstrably free and fair elections.

While the U.S. is not North Korea, the 2020 presidential election here certainly was not demonstrably free and fair. In fact, Joe Biden, if the election is confirmed, will be the first illegitimate president in American history. He will be Biden the Tyrant.

The BLM/Antifa riots, supported and organized by the Democrats themselves, were designed for, and had the clear effect of, intimidating Americans into not voting for Donald Trump. “Vote for Trump, and we will hurt you,” was the undeniable message.

It is no coincidence that the riots basically stopped after the election. The same is true of the physical attacks upon Trump supporters, even children, over the years, as well as the Russia hoax and constant unjustified criticism and targeting of Trump by the left-wing media and left-wing prosecutors. Blue states illegally changing their voting procedures to allow unprecedented voter fraud, and voting machines hacked by Russia, Biden’s puppeteer, made it nearly 100 percent certain that Biden would be elected.

Unfortunately, once lost, our democratic values will be difficult to regain.

James E. Pietrangelo II

North Conway

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James, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but D. Trump lied to you. He knows there was no voter fraud. He also knows his loyalist will believe anything he says.

Bill Scott

Nice timing Jim. You've made our point for us.

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