To the editor:

To all those writing letters to the Sun saying that you might not vacation in the Conway area in the future if STRs are not allowed, I have one word: Goodbye.

Your letters bespeak an arrogant attitude of not a few tourists to this area that the Mount Washington Valley exists solely to serve you. It doesn’t. At all.

This Valley is self-sufficient — not to mention bursting almost year round with respectful tourists who are only too happy to enjoy its beauty while staying at the many fine hotels, motels and inns operating within the law. If you and your dog don’t come up this year, no one’s going to miss you. At all.

And that part about your needing an STR to “unwind” in after a long day of hiking, etc., guess what: the people who actually live in those neighborhoods want to be able to “unwind” in their own homes too, but with STRs they can’t, if only because there’s always strangers lurking about next door.

Not to mention the noise and other nuisance factors of STRs, which should not exist in a residential neighborhood — period. And STR owners so-called “policing” bad behavior was never a viable solution, because that still put the onus on the residents to have to suffer the bad behavior before it was reported and “policed.” Residents don’t need that aggravation either.

So goodbye and good riddance to STRS.

James E. Pietrangelo II

North Conway

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The bottom line to Pietrangelo ii is; You should be ashamed of yourself for posting such a comment.

Ron Pelletier

I have been visiting North Conway for 44 of my 47 years of life, often multiple times a year. Early on, we would either stay in hotels or larger condos. Now that I have my own family, and kids, I much prefer renting a house or condo - the experience is just much better. I understand the concerns of local residents, but the reality of the situation is that this is a trend not only in North Conway, but around the globe. Vacationers want to stay in homes, not hotels, as it just provides a better family experience - that home away from home feeling. I personally have not stayed in hotel on vacation in years. North Conway is a tourist town, and many other tourist towns have figured this out through regulation and enforcement. If North Conway doesn't find a reasonable solution to this, businesses and the economy will be hurt, and more importantly, people will be put out of work. That's a result I don't believe anyone wants if you truly care about your local community.

Gregory Wallace

Where I live I don't have neighbors to speak of. I would not like having to assess a constant flux of "New arrivals" Probably weekly if I lived in a residential area where normally the neighbors arrive and stay for years at a time. This helps to make good neighbors because you have to get along and cooperate. With STRs you can get a new problem neighbor every week or 2. They are not invested in being polite to the neighbors. (You) and I am sure complaints to the property owner falls on deaf ears.

Push the tax angle on these property owners. They probably aren't even reporting the income or paying the Inn tax.

Bill Cook

Thanks James.

Too many STR owners need the income to pay for the property. Whether or not they care to admit it they’re actually in the hotel business. I have little sympathy for those who choose to exploit our community for personal profit.

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