To the editor:

Last month, Joe Biden spoke of unifying our country. He could not have been more wrong. This demented puppet of the Marxist left has done nothing but antagonize the 75 million or perhaps many more Trump voters with anti- American policies like destroying tens of thousands of jobs such as the Keystone Pipeline, flooding the country with migrants, restricting freedom of speech, encouraging a sham impeachment against a former president and a host of other disastrous actions.

All those who caused damage, injury and death in the Capitol, Antifa and BLM riots should be arrested and punished. The difference is that there were more than five times as many deaths, thousands more injured and hundreds of millions more damage from the BLM and Antifa rampages that lasted for months. However, the biggest distinction is in the reactions of the political leaders.

After the Capitol break-in, in which recent evidence shows was mostly pre-planned by criminal thugs, Donald Trump condemned the violence and told all at the rally to go home. After months of violence perpetrated by elements of Antifa and BLM, that deranged, demonic monster Nancy Pelosi simply said: “People will do what they do.” Kamala Harris actually urged the rioters to continue their violence even after the election.

There are approximately 30 hate Trump Marxists who consistently write letters in this paper trashing the former president and his supporters — the very successful president who would have easily won re-election if not for the pandemic. These writers are the most vile, ignorant and divisive people I could imagine but they only solidify support for the former president and fuel opposition to the Democrats.

One moronic immature woman, for example, wrote that she was “free at last” as if she had been in shackles and prison for the last four years. How ridiculous!

The tens of millions of us who are opposed to this despicable administration that desires a socialist dictatorship need to unite, stand strong, never be intimidated and oppose it at every turn.

George Clausen

Alpine, Wyo., and Freedom

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What no mention of a rigged election or "stop the steal"? You aren't a true follower of the would be dictator. You should start a GoFundMe page to help pay for the p---- grabbers civil law suits he will face for inciting the Trump terrorists to invade the Capitol. Stop watching so much Fox News...


Unfortunately, the left is scoring bit on labeling anyone Republican or conservative as a 'trumper'. I voted for him twice because I had no choice. Could not vote for Hillary and considered voting for Biden until he signed onto Bernie's socialist agenda. in any event, those of us who are still conservative must reject the 'trumper' label. Especially when being applied by socialists/leftists that are attempting to take over the country today.


At last, someone with a brain.


Fortunately there are few "Trumpers" who still believe in his style of humanity. (He has none)

Right wingers have always been around with their selfish views.

Not Christians, but worshiping only themselves.

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