To the editor:

In response to Dave Van Note’s “One-Note” Trump “Derangement Syndrome” rant — Trump isn’t running things. Your boy, Dementia Joe, owns it all.

Each of these Biden failures have compounded and led to this list of failures: Destroying our energy independence. On day one he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, which cost Americans roughly 30,000 jobs and contributed to the soaring heating oil and gas prices.

Giving in to Iran. Biden has failed to stand up to China. Federal vaccine mandates. Biden has failed with the most porous, permissive and lawless U.S.-Mexico border in generations. Betrayal at the Border. I mention this additional failure because it is far too dismissive of America’s safety.

Biden has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to illegally cross the border and stay in America during a global pandemic without any requirement that they be tested for COVID-19 or quarantined. It’s as if Biden is intentionally reliving the disastrous Jimmy Carter presidency.

Biden’s spending will not create jobs. It will continue to hike inflation and weaken the U.S. dollar. Store shelves are bare. Costs for basic items are increasing. Why? Because Biden’s diversity-driven/progressive administration is incompetent, affecting nearly every aspect of the economy and, consequently, our wallets.

Surrendering in Afghanistan. This is the biggest example of how and why he is incapable of leading America. Biden’s latest approval poll, ABC News/Washington Post taken on Nov. 10: We are in the toilet, only 38 percent approve and 52 percent disapprove. But at least we have no mean tweets.

Right, Dave — this is what happens when “being politically correct” becomes more important than “being competent.”

Eric Frederickson

Center Conway

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Jacob and Al

Joe Biden has failed to insult leaders of other countries as well. Trump excelled at that. Biden is talking with Mexican and Canadian leaders with respect. Terrible?


Mexico and Canada? Really???

If that's your measure of 'Ole Joe's competency, you need to reassess your standards immediately.

He's completely failing in every other matrix.

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